World series interview with Dr Maresela Morales, Cancun, Mexico

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World series interview with Dr Maresela Morales, Cancun, Mexico

Join us as Loran Simon, Founder of Somnowell Marketing and the Somnowell device, interviews dentists around the world and shines a light on dentistry and dental marketing in different countries. This interview is with Dr Maresela Morales, from Sunset Dental Cancun, based in Cancun, Mexico.

Loran Simon: Why did you become a dentist?

Dr Maresela Morales: Well, in reality it’s a long history, because when I’d be near to the dentistry it was when I was a child. My… The sister of my mother, it was a dentist. But in the past, in Mexico City, she has their own office very near to my house. And I was finish my homeworks and all of that and I was like, “Well, I’m going to work.” And it was like… Like this all the day, I was making restoration, I was needing all the products in this moment. And then little by little I changed for sure. When you go to the college, when you go to… When you changing your life. I was thinking to don’t do that. I don’t know why I was changed. And when the moment arrived for take the decision to be, “What do you want to do all of your life?” It was hard and I said, “Well, maybe lawyer.” And it never worked. I don’t like that. It was like I need to be with somebody else talking about it. Then I go to the psychology side. I said, “Well, yes, but not.” And then I be in the dentist university, I said, “Wow, that is it. That is for me.” I love the hands man work. I love being with the patients. In the moment of I start, it was for me. That is in reality when I’ll start working and I take the decision to be a dentist.

In the moment of I say, “That is for me”, I remember when I was a child when I said, “Well, I love it.”

Loran Simon: What are the biggest marketing challenges that you face and how do you deal with them?

Dr Maresela Morales: Well, the most difficult it was because in reality our… Formation, to say that, we never be in contact with all the marketing side. And the half of my productor life, I was mainly in Europe. I was working in France and there you cannot… It’s a… It’s impossible to make a marketing because it’s illegal. And when I was arriving here seven years ago, it was like, “What? What I have to do? I doesn’t know nothing about it.” I take a coach man for give it to us more options for learn about marketing and I think the most bigger deal, it was the sales. Because in our health, like a doctor, it’s impossible to sell. And there is you know the duality about have a service but you have to be. But you have to all the competition but you have to be in the marketing side. And it was like, “What do I have to do?” I have to learn everything. I think the most difficult moment in marketing is to learn marketing. And to understand everything. Then it was more easy because in reality the marketing needs to know the people that you are in contact everyday.

Loran Simon: There’s a real duality within being a provider of the service, especially a medical service and then the challenge of how to understand the need and how to do the marketing. There’s a real conflict there and I think that’s the same for every business.

Dr Maresela Morales: Yeah, in the past I want to be psychology, make the studies for being a psychologist. But I love the work make it by hands. And in dentistry, you have these two options. Because you hear the patients, you have a relationship between your patient but you work with your hands. It’s like the artistry with psychologists part. That is the reason because I love.

Loran Simon: My third question then is marketing has changed considerably, especially in the last 10, 15 years. What does this mean for dentists? And is it easier or harder?

Dr Maresela Morales: I think it’s both of them. It’s very easy now to give a message, for communicating, for your patients it is more easy because all the social media, and the websites and all the facilities that you have for be in connection with the people is more easy, but then you have the other side, like the patients who come here because that is a very good option and he knows everything and it’s very hard to say “Hey, wait a minute.” It’s not like these and you have to the patients and sometimes they are not happy, but it’s not happy, sometimes because it’s not your work because it’s something else. It’s difficult to have an approach and equilibrium.

About one and another one. I think it’s amazing, the marketing, the digital marketing, the communication now. I can imagine now that all the advantage that you have with that. But you have the other side that is not very nice, but it’s happened, it’s the work are change it like this, and we have to be in this way.

And a lot of terminology and a lot of things we doesn’t know it. We work with the marketing agency, a digital marketing agency. There are the young people, they talk to you like I don’t know what, like it’s in Chinese or wait a minute, I don’t understand that, you have to explain me very well. And it’s some other thing, it’s like, oh my God, you have another language.

Loran Simon: What role does cosmetic dentistry play in your practice today? And what do you think the future holds?

Dr Maresela Morales: Well, I think it’s a lot. Well, in the past it was more like aesthetic, it was just good. But now, it’s more. All the digital, all that we make is for be beautiful but we can never forget the function. It’s the base of all of that, is the function. When you have these 100%, you can start working with the cosmetic dentistry. For now, I can tell you I see all my patients like a cosmetic dentistry prospect. Maybe they don’t have, they have a big, big problems like a full-arch that you have to be working with, in the first moment we see and we make a diagnosis and all the procedures for perform a good treatment plan, but everything is guided by the end. That is the cosmetic dentistry. But they have to be always, first, function.

Eating, living, smiling. Be comfortable. In health with no pain. That is very, very important.


And more you are in the cosmetic dentistry. More you are in the natural forms, in the natural… In reality the big, big problem, it’s not problem, it’s like, I don’t know how do you say that? Now the challenge is copy the natural.

But will be never there, the natural it’s always more like you. But that is a challenge, and the natural it’s. You have to respect the body, it’s like this.

The beauty is very different for everybody, but if you respect the nature of everybody, I think, that is beauty.

Loran Simon: So my next question is, so how do you manage the dual roles of being a respected dentist and business owner? And what tips do you have for other dentists that are starting out?

Dr Maresela Morales: Well, I think the most important is discipline and discipline… And discipline in your head, because you have to know that when you are with your patients, you are a doctor, you’re a dentist, but when you are not in the mouth of your patients, you have to schedule every week, like one hour, like two hours in the fourth floor or in the 10th floor, for see around you.

Because sometimes, you only see like a little problem, but when you are like this, you say, wait a minute, that is not the problem, it’s more important to be here and to have the perspective about numbers, the administration side is the most important thing, then organization, then to be effective in the time, the schedules, and the role and the activity for every people that are in your team. Well, and then I think the most important thing is the communication between all the people that you work… Work with, that is… And then well you have your life, I have a children, I have a husband, I am a… I have my mother too and your life, and you need to take some time for your children, for your family too. That is the discipline is the most important thing. And thinking that is not only like… You are not only a dentist, you are somebody who make all the… All the rules of your activity and you change your casket.

Loran Simon: Great. Well, my last question is, what do you think about the future of dentistry in Mexico?

Dr Maresela Morales: Well, the future of dentistry in Mexico. Mexico is a very big country with a lot of problems about economically, about security, about all of these. But I think, I’m sure, that the dentistry in Mexico will be grown, it will be much better, because we have a lot of universities, a good level of education too, but it’s very important to be always in contact with the people than your work and to have the opportunity to be learning all the time, all the time, all the time, and then we have a very good opportunity too, to be access to the technology. I think the dentistry, not only in Mexico, around the world, is gonna be changed by the technology and I think the future… Is not the future, is now, and in the future, it will be technology, but you can never lose the human side, because our skills is to help the people, is working to help the people to be in health. That is it. I think so.

Yeah, and the technology is not help you to be a much better dentist. In reality you have to learn to be a good dentist, and then you can help you by the technology.

Loran Simon

Loran Simon

Loran Simon is the Founder of Somnowell, one of the world’s leading oral appliances to help to cure sleep apnea. Over the past 10 years, Somnowell’s growth has been mainly achieved using the digital marketing services of Somnowell Marketing, an agency that Loran Simon also founded and manages. The agency generates around 4,000 new patient enquiries a month for Somnowell’s network of dentists.


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