Why Your Dental Marketing Needs Memes

By Loran Simon | Social Media

brush-with-your-babyIf you’ve got a Facebook page, you’ve seen memes. Brexit memes were great comic relief. Tea and biscuit memes are always popular. US Presidential memes are hysterical.

The face grabs your attention. The bold words are a strong message.

Memes reflect our culture with the intent to make people laugh.The meme content is usually a joke, an urban legend – an image, a video, a phrase – that is spread via the internet. A meme invites people to spread it through social media, email and photo-sharing.

A meme is infectious (and creates connections)

The noteworthy aspect of a meme is it’s “shareability” – as a meme invites people to spread it through social media, email, and photo-sharing.

Sharing funny or thought-provoking memes (not self-promos), you are sending valuable content to your patients (and prospective patients). It’s a quick little message, a bit of goodwill and humour on topics you share in common – in this case, dental health.

Humor is a wonderful way to bring people together, to encourage interaction among your users, and spread your content beyond your social media bubble.

Memes keep your imagerelevant

If your Facebook page has lagged in visibility, memes can help. By getting quick likes and shares, your dental practice’s posts will be scrolling through your followers’ home page – and through THEIR followers’ home pages.As a general rule, to help your meme be popular it should be:

  • Relatable to your audience
  • Shareable
  • Familiar
  • Funny, witty, clever, or smart

Tips on using memes in marketing

You should use all your social channels to distribute the meme. Push it out often enough to ensure that it is seen by a majority of your audience.

Using memes as part of your marketing efforts definitely can grab the attention of users, help increase your reach and help your branding efforts.

Even if your meme doesn’t go viral, you will certainly increase the chances of it grabbing the attention of your target audience, followers, and customers.If this sounds like it might be of interest to you CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A CALL with me to learn more.



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