Who we are

Somnowell Marketing is a leading, full service digital marketing agency based in the United Kingdom. We work solely in the sleep and dental industries across multiple countries globally.

We have a team of around 30 people, consisting of a management and client team in the United Kingdom and two specialist teams based in Europe and Asia.

Our purpose and values

Our purpose is to help people access life-enhancing sleep devices, dental treatments and healthcare products.

We empower companies and medical professionals to do this using digital services and solutions that reach these audiences quickly and cost effectively.

As we create data-driven marketing programmes to help patients take the next step towards solving their dental and healthcare challenges, our four values provide the basis for how we perform and behave.

Our values


We are 100% accountable for the marketing outcomes that we generate. We respect and value the investment that practices and businesses make in marketing. We believe in generating positive results and a return on investment. We provide total transparency into how budgets are allocated. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and are committed to quality outcomes.


We are committed to excellence in the way we communicate with our clients and respond to their challenges. We respect the relationships that we build and aim at all times to produce the very best results possible. If something isn’t working, then we’ll fix it.

Commercial insights

We are in a rapidly changing industry. We use the vast amounts of data we produce every day to stay ahead. We constantly explore new ways to improve and deliver better outcomes. We care about sharing the commercial insights that we uncover with our clients.

One team

We put our clients’ success ahead of our own and are committed to helping their organisations grow. We believe they should feel so comfortable working with our team that they consider them an integral part of their business or practice. 

Our people

From the developers who build our websites to the SEO experts who optimise our landing pages – Somnowell Marketing is an exciting place to be for anyone who is passionate about dental and healthcare marketing.

Our history

Starting in 2010, with the founding of our sleep apnea device business Somnowell – our story has always been about helping people access treatments and products that improve their lives.

Somnowell – 2010 to the present

In 2010, Loran Simon founded the Somnowell dental laboratory with his father-in-law Professor Simon Ash, a Specialist Orthodontist based in London, United Kingdom.

The Somnowell is an oral device that treats snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Loran used digital marketing to generate thousands of new patients for the Somnowell device, developing a highly effective strategy for marketing a sleep device to patients and achieving the most conversions to sales at the best possible price.

Somnowell Marketing –
2014 to the present

Loran founded Somnowell Marketing in 2014. We started out as a digital marketing agency for dental practices, generating thousands of new patients for various dental treatments. Today, our patient ads have been viewed more than 240 million times.

In 2018, we began to work with other enterprise level sleep industry companies across different countries, helping to generate new customer sales and enquiries using digital marketing.

Our experience with sleep focussed direct-to-patient marketing puts us in an ideal place to deliver real value to sleep industry companies. We are committed to making a significant impact on businesses quickly.

Our brands

Each of our three brands has a distinct history and identity, but they have one thing in common – to improve access to life-enhancing products and treatments.

Somnowell Marketing

Somnowell Marketing creates and runs high performing digital marketing programmes with compelling calls-to-action that are designed to generate new leads, enquiries and sales for our clients from their target audiences. We use a ‘direct-to-patient’ marketing approach that we have honed over the past decade.


Somnowell produces a mandibular advancement device that is a highly effective long-term treatment for sleep apnea. We connect people suffering with the condition to an appropriately qualified dentist within our network, who can discuss their condition with them and recommend the best course of action for treating it. The Somnowell device is tailor-made from a medical super alloy and is one of the most slim-line, comfortable, and hygienic devices available.


The LDRS is a solution that automates the process of responding to high volumes of leads and distributing them to networks of clinicians. It is trusted to increase business efficiency, reduce overheads and improve financial performance.

We developed the LDRS in 2010, for our sleep business Somnowell. Today, the solution is fully customisable or it can be used as an out-of-the-box solution. It is used by Whole You and other businesses globally.

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