What’s getting dentists excited at the moment? It’s hot phone calls…

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Do you wish the practice phone would ring more? Do you wonder what you can do to get the phone ringing?

Are you seeing diminishing returns from traditional advertising? Are you wondering how you can use digital marketing to bring in more patients?

Well, I have some good news for you. We've recently discovered an extremely valuable new tool from Google that is generating lots of incoming phones calls for our clients.

I am great believer in sharing everything, so I'd like to show you exactly how to get the same results for yourself.

But why should you listen to me?

My name is Loran Simon and I run a digital marketing agency for dental practices, called Somnowell Marketing. 6 years ago I set up a dental device company called Somnowell, with my father-in-law Prof. Simon Ash, a Specialist Orthodontist.

And why are phone calls so important?

At our dental lab we generate up to 4,000 enquiries per month. When we analyse the conversions from enquiry to dental device order, we find that telephone calls convert at 3 times higher than landing page / email enquiries.

So how do we generate lots of incoming calls for our dentists?

Google has now released Call Campaigns that are designed for local businesses. They are a new ad format that makes the calling option the most prominent feature of the ad, and only action that patients can make. This leads to more incoming calls.

They look like this.

And they get results like this.

As you can see, the dental practice received 19 phone calls for £83.29, that's £4.38 per phone call.

Here is what the patients were looking for.

And all 19 calls were generated over just 3 days.

Now here is how to do this yourself. First go into your Google Adwords account and click the red "+ CAMPAIGN" button and select "Search Network only".

Then watch this video to see the Call Campaign settings and where to add the telephone number and text for the advert.

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We are creating these new Google Call ads for all of our clients. This is just a part of our all inclusive digital marketing service that we provide exclusively to just one practice in each area.

We have a lot of experience generating patient enquiries for dentists. As you can see below, we have generated 57,450 patient enquiries from Google alone, and even more from Facebook.

So why am I telling you all of this?

We have opened the doors again at Somnowell Marketing for dentists that want to get more patients for any of their desired treatments, such as orthodontics, implants, teeth whitening, nervous patients, etc. We only work with one dental practice per area, so we can get the best results for one practice.


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In a nutshell:

- you tell us the treatments you want to more patients for, the geographical area, and the advertising budget (we can advise), we will then set-up and manage the digital marketing campaigns for you

- myself, and Joel McDonald (author of Google Adwords for Dummies) and other leading experts, oversee your campaigns

- everything is in your name, so you have full transparency and can keep everything forever

- there is an all inclusive management fee, we do not charge extra for setting everything up (limited time offer), and there are no hidden fees

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After generating more than 85,000 patients for our own dental lab, and for the clients of our digital marketing agency for dental practices, I cracked the code for running successful online marketing campaigns.