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what is a chat bot?

How can Messenger Marketing increase revenue for your business?

By using a conversational chatbot to automatically interact with your prospective patients your business can market directly to them, creating relevant, personalised experiences and empowering your business to make faster and more informed decisions.

So how does it work in practice?

common objectives

Using artificial intelligence and pre-written conversation pathways, a custom-built bot is integrated with your website and also sits on your Facebook page.

It can then respond to questions and you can share content via messages and targeted Facebook ads in news feeds.

It might be an enquiry about a health condition or for product information; a request to book an appointment or to access support.

our approach

Every touchpoint is an opportunity for you to build trust and keep your treatments and solutions top of mind.

And with Messenger Marketing we can do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of whether your business is open or closed.

It can free up your team’s valuable time and provide you with data insights that help you build a better organisation.

What We Measure

We measure key performance metrics and apply data-driven insights to everything we do. Enabling our digital marketers, account managers and product teams to better manage your account and help you reach your goals faster.


case study - Kalyani dental lounge

“Somnowell has helped drive new high value patients to the practice. Our online presence has dramatically improved in ап increasingly crowded market as а result of improvements to our website content and optimisations оп the various social media platforms.”

working with us

What To Expect

  • Chat Bot Design & Development
  • Technical Support
  • Inbox Training
  • Lead Capture & CRM Sync
  • 80% Open Rates
  • 20% Click-Through-Rates
  • Valuable User Insights
  • Video Updates
  • Regular Meetings

full service digital agency

From SEO to Software

Website Design, Build, and Management

Our highly-skilled marketers, designers, developers, and accounts people are experts at taking your business goals and creating a reliable, high-performing website that helps more patients access your treatments and solutions.


We provide high-performing SEO campaigns, data-driven insight reports, and a dedicated account manager so more patients can access your life-enhancing treatments and solutions, and your business can reach its goals.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. It can generate results for your business that far outweigh the costs. Our team is ready to deliver the growth you need.


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