Lead Distribution & Response Solution

Efficiently and effectively manage new patient leads at scale

What is the LDRS?

How can your team manage high volumes of new patient enquiries more efficiently and effectively?

The key is automation that frees your business from outdated, manual processes.

Our lead distribution and response automation performs 5 key tasks to empower health businesses to grow without compromise.

How can it help you?

1. The LDRS responds to patient enquiries in their chosen language with personalised information that’s specific to their exact location in the world.

2. It distributes enquiries to the nearest clinician within a network, who can follow up with the patient directly.

3. It nurtures new patient leads through email workflows, SMS reminders and remarketing campaigns until they’re ready to access your products and solutions.

4. It provides powerful data insights so your team and network of clinicians can deliver constantly improving results.

5. It’s secure and fully customisable.

Our approach

We guarantee uptimes and guarantee your data storage secure and scalable.

You can set the LDRS straight to work as an out-of-the box solution or customise it to suit your needs.

Originally developed for our sleep device business Somnowell, it’s been proven to streamline operations and increase the financial performance of health businesses globally.

Whole You case study

“We chose Somnowell Marketing because of the experience and insights coming from their own oral sleep device business, and the system they had previously built, which is designed to process a high volume of leads with maximum efficiency.

Now, with the LDRS, our team is spending most of their time analyzing and optimizing the communication messages and the nurturing workflow. The result is, we are able to help more people get connected to the providers of Whole You™ devices and help them get back to the restful sleep they deserve, sooner.”

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