The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics

By Loran Simon | Marketing

40If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this business, you’ve GOT to track everything. You must stay on top of every A/B test, every blog, advert, landing page, and email system that’s directed to prospective customers.

As an independent dentist, you are running a B2C (business to consumer) operation. You must find out how you’re doing, what works, what doesn’t, in reaching these consumers. If they’re not booking appointments, you’ve got to adjust your marketing plan accordingly, and watch the analytics as you go.

Here’s one stat that concerns me:

  • 53% of social media marketers don’t measure their success. (Awareness, Inc.)

They’re basically throwing money at social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.) without monitoring results. It’s exactly why I make Google Analytics the backbone of my business.

A few more marketing statistics to ponder:

  • 83% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business. (Social Media Examiner)
  • 77% of B2C companies (dentists, too!) acquired customers from Facebook. (State of Inbound Marketing, 2012)
  • 82% of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog monthly – both of which are actually impressive results. (HubSpot State of Inbound, 2013) twitter-bird-logo-blue
  • Over 40% of marketers report that Google+ is “useful to critical” for their business. (HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing, 2012)

Here’s another telling figure: 80% of US social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook. (State of Inbound Marketing, 2012).

We can’t afford to ignore social media any longer. If you haven’t jumped on board, you simply are losing out on prospective patients who need to connect with you. They need to find you, and it’s got to happen where they already “live” – in Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Google+ and the others.

Ponder this figure:

50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results, and 61% of those searches result in a purchase. (Search Engine Watch). Local results? That’s you, my friend. You’re the local dentist they want to find. A purchase? For you, that’s a prospective patient who finally makes the appointment.

Is your marketing set up for mobile? Is it SEO-enriched? Are you on all the important results-driven social media platforms? Hope so.


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