The Power of Video in Marketing

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Competition among independent dentists can be fierce. In your neighborhood, you want your share of patients – and maybe a few more. To help you stand out from the rest, you might try video.

Yes, a dentist on video!

Imagine it, you in your white coat – talking about a treatment that patients might feel nervous about, like root canal. Or a treatment they may be pondering, but not sure if it’s right for them – like dental implants or dentures. Maybe teeth whitening – where you explain what’s involved in the appointment, and how the take-home kit works. You might ask one of your hygienists or even a patient to participate.

You’re reassuring your patients. You’re educating them. You’re also marketing your services to them.

You could have fun doing it!

Sample video by a dentist

Here’s a video created by Tracey Bell, a UK dentist who provides cosmetic procedures. This will give you a great idea of what’s possible with video.

Notice how frank, honest and real she is in presenting her message? The shots aren’t TV quality; they’re really rather raw, which serves to boost her trustworthiness. Who wouldn’t trust Tracey Bell doing this procedure?

You can achieve the same results talking about root canals, dental implants, and other procedures. It doesn’t take a lot of talking to the camera. It doesn’t even require a lot of camera work. Just a nice short message, or several snippets, that educate your prospective patients – that let them see your face, see your honesty, see your trustworthiness. You might include a patient who makes a few comments about the procedure. Golden!

A few more video ideas

Those are just a few ways that video can be used in an independent dentist’s website to enhance marketing. In one article published recently, social media experts discussed another video type. Here are the key points of their plan:

  • You could create a weekly “show” that lets you address relevant news articles related to dentistry (like the recent controversy on flossing).
  • Record your thoughts on the topic in a single video.
  • Share your video on multiple social media channels.

The authors write:

By following best practices in sharing content through social media, these videos can become powerful digital assets in your marketing. This effort can be effective for the modern marketer and doesn’t require a huge financial expenditure.


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