The Chat Bots are coming (and they are in your practice already!)

ByLoran Simon|Our Service

The Chat Bots are coming! Have you heard already?

If not, well they are! I am currently in the US interviewing dentists for our dental marketing blog, and I am experiencing a taste of what is to come.

Firstly, if you don't know what a chat bot is, let me explain.

Do you know about Facebook Messenger, or What's App? These are instant messaging apps. They are used by billions of people. For many people they are their main method of communication.

This means that patients in your local area already using Facebook Messenger, and you could be taking advantage of this, and they would prefer it!

In fact in a survey 90% of people said they’d prefer to use messaging to talk to brands:

The reason is that people like convenience, and the messaging experience is frictionless. You type and someone (or a bot) replies instantly.

Many people also prefer to use a messaging app rather than calling, especially when interacting with businesses.

At our dental marketing agency, where we manage a great many Facebook Pages, I am staggered to see the number of patients that now contact the practices via the practice's Facebook Page Messenger tool.

Messenger Marketing is on pace to become one of the world’s biggest marketing channels in the next 5 years, now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game.

This is the most exciting new digital marketing tool that we have ever used. It is the logical next step in marketing.

We are using this new tool and are getting these incredible results right now:

- 40% opt-in rates (compared to 10% for landing pages). Everyone that starts a messenger conversation with you becomes a subscriber, just like with email.

- 80% open rates (compared to 20% for emails). 20% click-through-rates (compared to 2% for emails). You can send messages to people, just like email. But the open rates and engagement rates are astronomically higher.


Why do Facebook Messenger ads and bots work so well?

The reason is because you are marketing where people are (in Facebook), and you are communicating with them in the way they want (with Messenger), and you are removing the barriers to communication (forms, emails, website pages). The bots answer questions and send patients down a path that leads to an appointment. The bot experience is frictionless (multi-choice answers with a click), and sophisticated (we use AI to build multiple communication paths).

Please just reply to me directly if you want me to send you more information. I will then send full details and more information about what exactly Facebook Messenger marketing is, and what bots can be used for.

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PLEASE NOTE: We can only take on a limited number of clients for this new service.

Why should you listen to me?

Rewind 7 years at our dental laboratory, Somnowell Ltd (, which I founded with my father-in-law Visiting Professor Simon Ash, consultant and specialist Orthodontist. We decided to drive patient demand (for our anti-snoring device) ourselves by advertising directly to patients.

We have now generated over 57,000 new patient enquiries at an average cost of under £7 each. That is £7 per patient calling or emailing for more information.

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After generating more than 85,000 patients for our own dental lab, and for the clients of our digital marketing agency for dental practices, I cracked the code for running successful online marketing campaigns.