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I would like to highly recommend Loran and all his incredible group of talented people. His work is eye catching and extremely responsive across all devices. There are many companies out there but is rare to have one that understands your needs, has the right copyright and flow to attract and retain the consumer attention with aims on acquisition. Top notch!

Dr. Carlos Caballero,

Masters Academy of Orthodontic Assistants


I started working alongside Loran and his team around 6 months ago after hitting a dead end with my previous marketing company where i found my growth had stagnated.


Having worked with Somnowell now for 6 months, I can see the difference it has made to my business. Certain changes showed immediate results and i have continued to see my visibility and credibility increase with time.


They have multiple members of their team working on my account and i get regular detailed updates. Furthermore, any requests that have been made are actioned promptly and i have, on occasion received assistance from Loran even on a sunday evening!


Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and his team to anyone!

Riz Khawaja,

The Edge Dental


If there is one thing I’ve learnt in practice it’s concentrate on what you are good at and leave the rest to experts like Somnowell Marketing.


These guys are up to date with all technology and measure and improve their performance to get the best results to drive new patients to your front door.

Alison Thompson,

The Dental Barn


Working with Somnowell Marketing has been a very rewarding experience from day one. They know their stuff, they are organised and don’t look to baffle you with science. The results I have seen in paid advertising in seo and social media have been great. I have happily recommended them to my friends and would be happy to talk to anyone about my experience with Somnowell Marketing.

Dr Ewan Bramley,

Bramley Dental Care


I found Loran Simon and Somnowell popping up on my Facebook feed and subscribed to his amazing website, where he was so generous with all manner of digital marketing advice and cookbook recipes for success. One thing led to another and before long I hired Somnowell to take over my website and digital marketing. I was highly impressed with how much work they did for me. The campaign launched about 10 days ago and the results are unbelievable. The whole team is very professional and you don’t have to ask twice or chase them up to do anything.


I highly recommend Somnowell to any dentist who is looking for quality new patients for their practice. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with Somnowell.

Dr Clifford Yudelman,

OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry and Implant Centre


As I know, there are many social media companies providing numerous promises to businesses like mine, most of whom either have no experience in this field or indeed knowledge hence why I was hesitant when contacted by Somnowell. Being brutally honest, I just thought, here we go again, yet another company doing their utmost to simply gain my money and nothing more. Well, I was completely wrong. As a clear minded business owner, it has always been a clear fact of mine that one does need to spend money to continue to grow a business but of course with which company do I trust. None of them I said. However, after agreeing to set up an initial meeting with your company, whilst still somewhat hesitant believing that it was going to be nothing other than the usual hard sell approach, I was wrong. The meeting with Claire whilst extremely professional yet friendly and without the usual hard sales pitch, I found to be extremely informative and Claires knowledge being more than sufficient enough for me to accept I was infact dealing with experts and no novice. However, I still remained a little pessimistic but continued to listen to how Claire genuinely believed she could help my business. I do not use the word “genuinely” lightly either!


The meeting whilst lengthy, did not dawn upon me until it had ended. That is how engrossed I was with what Claire was explaining to me, with considerable knowledge too. Fact.


Towards the end of the meeting, I was waiting for the “hard sell approach” to start but there was none ! Quite simply, it was not necessary at all even if there had been. Having listened intensely to Claire and infact grilled her somewhat firmly over the facts she was stating in respect of new patient contacts and business growth, her responses were clear, concise and once again her knowledge was unquestionable. I was starting to become impressed. Claire had my complete attention.


Claires complete openness and transparent approach was something I personally had never come across within a sales pitch. Usually irritation and agitation was my usual approach and that was only after 10 minutes when with a sales person. Not with Claire. Somnowell had got it spot on in my eyes. A business, with professional, intelligent and above all an extremely experienced team who knew exactly what they were about. That was to help a business generate new leads and growth.


Towards the end of the meeting, Claire explained the process and the importance of working with us as “one team” in order to achieve what we were being offered – new patients. Nothing less. Nothing more. There would be several weeks of preparatory work and which we would be fully supported and guided.


Was I impressed. Yes I was. Was I ready to sign. Mmmm, oddly enough I still felt something had to be missing. It all seemed still too good to be true. I then waited for the usual “upping the anti” sales talk in pressuring me to sign up there and then. Whilst this was of course talked about there was in no way any pressure being placed upon me by Claire or indeed that of the other Director of the clinic. We looked at each other, trying to establish whether one of us had missed something from what Claire had been talking to us about. We decided to leave it for 24 hrs so matters could be discussed between myself and my business partner, just incase one of us had spotted a “flaw” so to speak. As a lawyer, I was really determined to find one ! We couldn’t.


24hrs passed and I could still not find one, not one “flaw” in what I had been told. Was I still sceptical. To be honest, a little as I was going to be parting with a considerable amount of our money. But as I mentioned earlier, a business does not grow without investment. The importance for me was about being prepared to part with my money or not. As we all know in business, there are always risks one has to take. However, risks are considered very carefully, particularly when its your own hard earned money and such risks must be balanced. Well balanced. What did I choose to do ? Yes, take that calculated risk and I can honestly say that I am delighted I did. Whilst being a proactive business owner and happily gaining in excess of 40 plus new patients per month through our own sheer hard work, total commitment and determination, I could never have gained the additional number of new patient contacts/registrations that we have and are receiving weekly/monthly. Am I impressed ? That is an understatement !


Thank you Loran to creating a new breed of sales although I do prefer to describe it as “meeting friends over a coffee” without any pressure whatsoever. Your entire team with whom I have had contact with are not only again, professional yet friendly but above all extremely knowledgeable, prompt in their attention to queries and nothing less than helpful at all times.They are an absolute delight to work with. It is an absolute pleasure to be associated with your business and I thank you for creating a business that understands the importance of working together. After all, businesses are to make money and of course that includes you too but every penny I continue to pay for you and your teams total commitment and expertise is wholly worth it and believe me, I have never ever said that about any company. Nor indeed do I provide testimonials but for me I felt it important as a business owner myself, to let not only you know but those who may also be sceptical as I was to infact get in touch with you. Disappointment is something that will not arise !

Mark Anthony Rayner,

Commercial Director - 21 Dental


Loran has very specialised expert knowledge in the field of dental marketing. We have experienced exponential growth over our first year of having his help and assistance. Our first year has seen 85% growth in our business and we intend to grow this upcoming year by the same amount.

Dr Gurpreet Notta,

Robin Hood Dental


The amount of planning for this type of marketing is far more complex and detailed than I had imagined. The team have kept me up to date at every stage of the process, and requested my input and feedback throughout. The first weekend that we went live I had 10 new enquiries, which proves its effectiveness.

Dr Nicholas Riley,

Clinical Director S10 Dental


I had many years of using the services of SEO and Marketing companies in India thinking I could save money. The irony is I wasted time and money and my website still had a very poor ranking after months of work.


I heard about Somnowell Marketing through their laboratory in the UK as I’m a dentist and had experience with their sleep and anti-snore devices.


I was introduced to Loran Simon who guided me simply and very informatively through the services his company provided and the potential for my website to attract more traffic.


I agreed to sign up to both the Social Media with SEO and Digital Marketing (advertising) services and I have to say Loran and his team are so professional, informative and very caring towards my needs for my website.


I would recommend Somnowell Marketing as I believe it will transform my practice and increase my patient numbers in time.

Dr Tom Munroe ,

Milltown Dental Clinic

We’ve been using Somnowell Marketing for the last 3 months and so far, we’ve been very impressed with the results. The team seem very clued up in different forms of marketing including social media, SEO and PPC. They have been great to deal with the prompt communication. Based on our experience so far, we would be more than happy to recommend them.

Shi Karim,

Church Road Dental and Cosmetics


Following rather average results from my existing PPC management company, I was approached by Somnowell Marketing 12 months ago with a proposal to transform my PPC online campaigns.


Their proposal appeared to offer everything I was looking for when employing the services of a third party provider. My goals at that time was to focus on a direct response marketing approach which could be held accountable for every pound spent and link that with my CRM system to create a direct response automated marketing funnel and subsequent database.


Somnowell Marketing appeared to understand this philosophy of marketing and possessed the experience to implement a more accountable PPC strategy. There are a myriad of marketing companies which can run a PPC campaign, but Somnowell already understood tried and tested direct response marketing techniques, including systematic split testing of all advertising materials, tracking of all data (wether offline to online or online to offline), and copywriters who could write with direct response in mind (as well as the skills necessary to optimise Google Adwords and Facebook and put this into action).


This was a refreshing change from previous providers, where I felt like I was banging my head against the wall when requesting implementation of these ideas and ultimate accountability, i.e. Can I track and confirm that my marketing dollar is producing a positive return on investment.


Since employing their services the size of my marketing funnel has not only increased but become deliberately more complex in a way that my local competitors can neither copy nor compete with. Not only has this resulted in increased accountability and increased sales, but less and less time is required of my own team allowing them to focus on other aspects of the business.


If you are seeking a third party provider who delivers what they promise for your online marketing and you require complete accountability, then Somnowell Marketing should be at the top of your list.

Dr. Neil Gerrard,

Clifton Dental


I am delighted with the help and support given by Loran and all at Somnowell Marketing. They have greatly improved our presence and positioning on social media platforms. It is vital to work with the experts in the field to get premium results. Thanks Loran.

Dr. Owen Crotty,

Crotty Orthodontics


I have found the digital advertising campaign has now proven to be very effective at bringing in new foot-fall by raising my profile on Google and via Facebook. Most of these patients have come specifically looking for treatment and are well motivated. Loran’s team have produced a professional looking service.

Dr. Matthew Houlton,

Manor House Dental Practice


In the last 12 months I have been employing Loran and his expanding team of marketers to use Google Adwords and Facebook to attract patients from around my locality for lots of other aspects of Dentistry. This has generated a number of new patients that would otherwise not have known of my existence. Loran and his team are constantly modifying the campaigns to try to get most exposure and return from investment in this arena. They always seem to be on the ball and proactive. I can recommend them to anyone considering this way of expanding their business. Although it is costly it seems on balance to be worth it.

Dr. Colin Doody,

Dronfield Dental Practice


I have used other digital marketing companies in the past, and found that generally they were only good at marketing themselves – they were quick to take your money and then sit back doing very little as you are signed up to a 6 month or 1 year contract. I found that with Somnowell Marketing, they have confidence in their systems and keep trying different things until they find what techniques work for you. In a marketing environment that is always changing, we need dynamic companies like Somnowell Marketing who always evolve to stay ahead of the curve and provide a good return on investment for their customers.

Dr. Athyr Al-Killidar,

UK Smile


I have been a client of Somnowell Marketing for a year. I am full of admiration for their thorough and informative approach. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Dr. Ashley Davenport,

Balsall Common Dental Practice


I have been using the marketing team at Somnowell for the last year and have found them to be professional and helpful. They have provided a very good service which they are improving all the time. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Dr. Pchatar Samra,

The Dental Centre


Somnowell Marketing seem to completely understand the whole of the way the Web works, with particular reference to Google and social media. I have been very impressed by the incredible complexity of their work, and their attention to every detail. Certainly I have not regretted my investment in their time. It is the way forward.

Mr. Mike Dilkes,

Health Hub


Somnowell Marketing are very effective and a great help to us with our digital marketing campaigns. It is especially helpful to have direct contact with an individual in each marketing team. The team strike an excellent balance between a high level of expertise and being able to communicate all the options to those dentists whose knowledge of the area is limited.

Dr. Derek Swan,

New Town Dental Care


My name is Julie McCann, I am so glad I was introduced to Loran at Somnowell Marketing. He has helped us at Clifton Dental to grow our client base. He has transformed our marketing strategy and tactic running along side Infusionsoft in generating new leads with Facebook and Google Adwords. We have benefited from his information to target the right people, right age, right time with keywords. He constantly keeps you informed of how our adverts are performing so we can maximise our patient enquiries which are increasing month on month. A first class service, very prompt with any request.

Julie McCann,

Practice Manager



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