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Loran Simon


Loran Simon
Digital Marketer

Born in India and a serial entrepreneur from the age of 24, with businesses operating in 10 European countries. In 2010 Loran co-founded Somnowell Ltd, a dental laboratory in the U.K. with his father-in-law Visiting Professor Simon Ash a Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist. Using digital marketing Loran has generated millions in revenue for the laboratory and for the dentists in their network.

In 2014 Loran founded Somnowell Marketing Ltd a digital marketing agency for dental practices. Loran is Masters level certified with the Google Squared training program for digital marketing professionals.

Visiting Professor Simon Ash (Consultant Orthodontist)
Loran’s co-founder at the Somnowell dental laboratory is Visiting Professor Simon Ash. Simon is a Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist with over 30 years clinical experience. Simon taught Loran about the dental industry and was influential in Loran's development of the marketing strategies that we use today.

Our Advisors

My name is Joel McDonald, and I am an Author and a Google AdWords consultant. I've reviewed hundreds of Advertising accounts, and working with Somnowell Marketing is an absolute pleasure. Their accounts are some of the most organized and well-performing accounts I've looked at. If they are managing your Advertising budget for your local Dental practice, you can rest assured that your advertising budget is in extremely capable hands.

Joel McDonald,

Author: Google AdWords for Dummies

As a conversion rate optimisation expert, I have seen a lot of landing pages that don’t convert well. Loran and his team at Somnowell Marketing really understand how to drive new leads through Facebook and Google and convert them. I’ve seen them help a wide range of clients and increase their revenue whilst keeping their costs down. I would definitely recommend using their expertise to grow your dental practice with digital marketing.

Manuel Da Costa,

Digital Tonic Ltd - Conversion Rate Optimisation

As an author and lecturer I have analysed a wide range of organisations using digital marketing. Working with and learning from Loran at Somnowell Marketing has been inspiring. Loran's strategies and tactics are truly cutting edge. Every business should be doing what Loran is doing at Somnowell Marketing for dental practices. Digital Marketing IS marketing in the modern world.

Ze Zook,

Author: Marketing Communications - Integrating Offline and Online with Social Media

Our Award Nominated Team

favicon-original1 x Client Coordinator

favicon-original2 x Project Managers

5 x Designers

3 x Web Programmers

2 x Copywriters

2 x Google Adwords Specialists

2 x Facebook Ads Specialists

2 x SEO Specialists

1 x Social Media Specialist

1 x Google Analytics Specialist

1 x Support Hero


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We’ve been using Somnowell Marketing for the last 3 months and so far, we’ve been very impressed with the results. The team seem very clued up in different forms of marketing including social media, SEO and PPC.

Shi Karim,

Church Road Dental and Cosmetics

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Loran Simon