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Sleep Industry: How To Write Great Email Subject Lines

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If you have an e-commerce sleep business, email is most certainly an integral part of your marketing strategy. But it’s critical that your subject line is making the right impression on your prospects. Your subject line often determines if the email is opened.  Among the avalanche of emails a prospect receives every day, the subject line must attract attention — motivating prospects to open the email. Or it will be ignored along with all the others.   Today, we’re sharing a few tips to help you write great subject lines. These tips will help generate interest in your email and improve your engagement with your prospects.
  • Personalise the email – If you’re targeting a specific geographic area, use that city/region in your subject line: “Insomnia in Edinburgh?” If you’re addressing sleep apnoea prospects, be sure to use those words in your subject line. “Loud Snoring? Want the Secret to Quiet Nights?”
  • Short is sweet – Over 50% of people open email in a cell phone. A long subject line gets cut off. Four words is optimal, but not easy. Stretching to seven words can also work.
  • Use preview text wisely – Don’t repeat the subject line in the preview or pre-header section. Instead, highlight another detail on the topic.
  • Use numbers – The brain organises information logically, so numbers will attract more views. Odd numbers are especially effective.
  • Choose words carefully – The right “power words” can connect emotionally with your prospect, so there’s greater chance they will click to open the email. Your power words should create trust (“proven,” “dependable,” “respected”), arouse curiosity (“secret”), appeal to vanity (“younger,” “sexier”), trigger fear of missing out (“limited,” “exclusive”). 
  • Announce an event or discount – News is always click-worthy, especially if savings is involved.
  • Use emojis — but carefully. Don’t overdo, or you risk irritating your prospects.

Always test your subject line. Ask a colleague or friend to give you honest feedback — are they intrigued or not? Email subject lines require considerable thought; you may want to write 10-20 versions, then choose the top 3 to share with friends — or do an A/B test — before your actual mailing. While there are no sure-fire ways to get 100% engagement and conversions, you’ll surely see a good performance when you follow these best practices. 

If your sleep business would benefit from email marketing, we can help.

Somnowell Marketing has a team in place to create a full marketing campaign, including email marketing. Our professional team of writers, designers and social media experts have worked with Sleep Industry companies like yours that need highly effective marketing communications and advertising. We can ensure your emails and other marketing will draw, engage, and convert visitors — to meet your goals and build your business.

Loran Simon

Loran Simon

Loran Simon is the Founder of Somnowell, one of the UK’s leading oral appliances to help to cure snoring and sleep apnea. Over the past 10 years, Somnowell’s growth has been mainly achieved using the digital marketing services of Somnowell Marketing, an agency that Loran Simon also founded and manages. The agency consistently generates thousands of new patient enquiries for Somnowell’s network of dentists.


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