Secrets to Dental Advertising in Google Search

By Loran Simon | Google

Internet Web SearchYou’ve searched on Google so often you can’t count the times. And every time, you see a whole row of advertisements for services related to your search. They’re always in the right-hand column.

Those are Google Adwords Text Ads– which have evolved into Expanded Text Ads. Let me explain.

Over the life of the internet, these ads have become a tried-and-true marketing tool. When these very brief ads are seeded with the right keywords – dental implants, Lotus Clinic, London – they are highly effective in bringing prospective patients to your front door.

These ads are very brief. They have just the essential information. Every letter, every space is counted so they will fit in the space allotted.

There’s another step. By adding extensions to these ads, we can also provide a dental practice’s URL, call number, and location. These details increase the advert’s visibility. They give your potential customers more reasons to click.

And that means more calls to your practice.

Two examples of Google Adwords Text Ads:

Standard-sized text ads feature just a headline, a URL, and a very brief description (about 8 words total).It’s a good idea to include a “call to action”—the action you want your customer.

Need Teeth Implants Now?

Permanent implants without stitches.

Free no-obligation consultation.

Expanded text ads feature an extra description space to highly your services.

Need Teeth Implants Now?

Permanent.No Stitches.

Replace a missing tooth or secure your dentures. Just like natural teeth.

Free no-obligation consultation.

0800 368 7374. London.

That’s the essence of Google Adwords. They are short & sweet ads that work like magic to draw eyes toward your website and calls to your practice. We’ve published thousands & thousands of them for clients with excellent results.If this sounds like it might be of interest to you CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A CALL with me to learn more.


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