Receptionist Training for Dental Practices


  • Get more patient bookings
  • Grow your practice
  • Improve your marketing ROI



“Personalised and unique service that provides invaluable insight into how effective your own business really is with training on how to improve things. I would definitely recommend it to all. Money worth spending!”

Dr Nina Shaffie,

Specialist Orthodontist BDS Honours (Lond), MJDF RCS (Eng), MSc Ortho (Lond), M Ortho (Edin)


Your reception staff are your sales team - and when they build good rapport with enquiries, they can close the sale. Every scheduled patient is a potential to be a life-long patient, bringing with them family and friends.

Expert Calling

Telephone scripts (basic & advanced) prepare front desk staff for follow-up calls.

Confident Staff

Role-playing gives staff experience in handling calls and avoiding mistakes.

Sales-Based Practices

“7 Golden Rules of Phone Answering” provides best practice.

Strategic Follow-up

Learn specific days and times to call for best (and worst) results.

Critical Planning

A multi-step action plan for follow-up will ensure success.

Internal Research

Analysing your own practice will reveal strengths & weaknesses, critical to your strategy.

Problems and Solutions

Hiring the right practice staff is essential in sales the process. Let every applicant know you expect a process of continual improvement on the following skills:

1. Advanced phone training
2. Asking patients to leave online reviews
3. Patient empathy and relationship- building techniques
4. How to contribute to the practice’s social media presence

Receptionist Training For Dental Practices

What Is This Service ?

This sales training is a great first step to help you and your team, convert more leads. The great thing is, this sales training takes up little of your time as we do everything by phone so no half day sessions that can eat into expensive surgery time. 

  • You get mystery shopper calls
  • A detailed analysis of each call that enables you to improve your future practice 
  • 2 test leads that are sent to the practice and we evaluate how staff respond to these 
  • A guide for you to keep, which includes sales call scripts and information that will help you understand time frames on chasing. There is also a handy SWOT analysis tools to help manage your own performance. 

Why Do I Need It?

An estimated 50% of all new patient enquiries are lost, and it’s primarily due to problems at the front desk. Front desk staff must act quickly on all new patient enquiries, as soon as they come in, staff need to act fast to convert these leads by scheduling them an appointment. Once at the practice, you can showcase what you have to offer but sadly, getting patients to book that appointment, is where some practices are failing.

Training Person

Russell Shaw

Russell has experience in mystery shopping and role play from his professional life as a trained actor. While working at Somnowell he has been heavily involved in the sales process. From this experience, he has been able to witness first hand the problems that dental receptionist face when dealing with sales calls. His rich professional experience, makes him a great trainer for any dental practice.

Your Investment

Ongoing support includes:

  • Mystery shopper calls
  • Monthly check in with trained staff members
  • Telephone and email support
  • Training additional reception staff.



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