Listen Up Dentists! Don’t be duped. Adwords Express is dangerous

ByLoran Simon|Our Service

No control and no customisation spells disaster not success

What’s not to like about adwords express? Up and running in 15 minutes, drag and drop interface, no management (or PPC experience) required. Boom! overnight you’re a digital advertiser.

Or at least that’s what Google will have you think. The reality however, can be somewhat less enticing - when budgets spent deliver next to no results.

We speak to all too many dentists who in a bid to drive up traffic and enquiries and to keep up with the competition have looked to Google Adwords Express as a panacea: promising all the benefits of finely tuned PPC campaigns but needing none of the effort. The result - lots of less well off, disappointed dentists and practice managers.  And in some cases, so stung by the financial waste are the individuals, they are deterred from using PPC at all, which is a great pity, as it is by far and away one of the most cost effective, impactful and measurable channels available.

Here’s what you need to know about Adwords Express before you handover your cash to Google

Google Adwords Express is a super fast way to set up an AdWords campaign, but what is set up is as basic and over simplified as the steps taken to do it, and therein lies the problem. A GOOD AdWords account will never be set up in 15 minutes, let alone 4 steps as Google claims.

Typically, we see 10 main reasons why most AdWords Express campaigns fail miserably, so if you’re considering using Google AdWords Express, please read on:

  1. You have no control over how your ads are managed, no ability to edit ads, pick keywords or adjust bids.
  2. You can’t decide where you showcase your ads - in other words your ads go everywhere
  3. Google Express offers no conversion tracking -  if you can’t track conversions it's impossible to monitor your return on investment. AdWords Express campaigns report on impressions and clicks only
  4. Set and forget is the antithesis of good PPC management - no optimisation means money will be wasted
  5. Your Ads are Broad Matched - your ads will appear on keywords similar to the ones you chose making it much more likely your ads will appear for irrelevant searches
  6. Hidden information - AdWords Express doesn’t show the actual search term that triggered your ad
  7. No control over how and where your budget is deployed to avoid bidding on poorly converting keywords - you might get to decide on your total budget but that’s where your influence stops
  8. All keywords are set to Broad Match - of all the match types broad match needs the most careful monitoring to avoid showing up for irrelevant searches (Google Best Practice even states that ‘Broad Match’ should be used only with a specific optimisation strategy in place.)
  9. You cannot add negative keywords - particularly given the above, you need to  be able to assign negative keywords to block the ads if necessary
  10. According to Brightlocal - 57% of the SMBs & Local Search marketers they surveyed said AdWords Express was INEFFECTIVE at generating traffic

Hardly a glowing recommendation.

Hopefully, the above gives you 10 good reasons to re-think your approach. But don’t take our word for it, the internet is awash with highly skilled digital marketers saying the same thing: be very careful.

The problem is of course that Google automatically directs small businesses to Adwords Express instead of the standard Adwords website, making it all the more tempting.

Ultimately, whether to use AdWords Express comes down to simple business logic: if you weigh up the time saved in set up and the savings on paying someone to manage your account against the true ROI on the results generated - does it make for a good commercial outcome?

We’d bet the house it doesn’t! But if it does, you are one of the lucky ones and stick with it (albeit keep checking in, as in our experience Google Adwords Express is a roller coaster in terms of results).

But if like many, you feel a little cheated by Google, then don’t think this is all Google PPC has to offer, because it's really not the case. You can get more out of your budget, a lot more by simply using the most appropriate platform, which is without doubt Adwords itself. And, if you can’t, find the person or agency who can.

To quote Theodore Roosevelt: “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty………”

We’re joking, Adwords isn’t that bad, but it does take time, understanding and we think experience, so it just might be a better all round win, to let the experts do it for you.

If you’ve had a bad experience using Adwords Express or, if you’ve felt intimated looking at Google Adwords but know your business needs it, then speak to us today, we’d love to help.

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