Lead Distribution Response Software


Our lead distribution software receives patient leads from digital marketing campaigns and automatically distributes them to your dental practitioners





Overview of what our LDRS can do:

Many dental devices and dental solutions are sold to patients via dental practitioners, rather than directly to patients.

For dental industry companies who generate a high volume of leads from online activity, the process of distributing, tracking and communicating with these leads is usually an ongoing, time-consuming and manual task for someone on their team.

Our lead distribution software provides a fully automated solution that receives patient leads from digital marketing campaigns, distributes those leads directly to your dental practitioners by email, and communicates with the patient.

We tailor and manage the system for you based on your exact specifications, using your own branded template emails and your own ‘rules’ for how leads are distributed to your dental practitioners.

Lead Distribution & Response Software

LDRS Features


  • Has details of all your dental practitioners, including a longitude/latitude number, so the system knows exactly where they are.
  • Lists or grades your practitioners based on your specifications (e.g. certified/not certified, platinum/gold/silver level, etc).
  • Sends automated emails to your practitioners, sharing incoming leads with them instantly, with weekly summary reports.

Distribution emails

  • LDRS can receive leads from any type of webform (e.g. a landing page from an ad on Google or Facebook, or from a form your website).
  • The LDRS can track each patient lead using their postcode or zipcode, find their nearest practitioners, and send all relevant details both to the patient and the practitioners.
  • Uses rules about how your leads get distributed- e.g. "send a patients enquiry directly to their 3 closest platinum and gold dental practitioners.”
  • stop
    Once a lead arrives in the LDRS, it automatically sends your templated emails to your patients and to your dental practitioners.

Nurturing emails + SMS

For patients who enquire but then don’t book an appointment with a practitioner straight away, the LDRS can send a series of automated follow-up emails and SMS communications, encouraging and reminding them to book an appointment.


  • Produce bespoke reports on all activity- e.g. how many leads have been sent to each practitioner over a period of time (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc).
  • Produce a daily, weekly or monthly summary report for your practitioners with details of all leads already sent to them.

Who This System is for

The LDRS is well suited to anyone generating a good volume of leads from online activity (ads, website etc), and who wants to have the distribution of those leads automated.

We have found great success using it with our own dental device, with our dental device clients, and, as it works with any digital marketing campaign, it can also be used by other dental marketing companies to support their clients campaigns.


We built the LDRS to handle thousands of patient leads generated by multiple local digital marketing campaigns for our renowned Somnowell Anti-snoring and sleep apnea device, distributing those leads to our network of dental practitioners.

Before we built the LDRS it was a full-time job for someone on our team to manually distribute these leads to the patients nearest dental practitioner, and to nurture and encourage patients to book an initial appointment.

Beyond the bandwidth and internal resource saved by removing the task of manually sending patient leads to practitioners and nurturing patients, other benefits include reporting (being able to quickly see how many leads we are sending to each practitioner each day and week), and also utilising creative assets (ads, landing pages, web forms etc) for multiple practitioners, meaning we could stop building 100's of similar web forms and landing pages for our campaigns, but the LDRS will still know exactly which practitioner to send which patient lead to.

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