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“We were looking for a marketing partner to help develop and deliver our digital marketing activity.

Somnowell stood out from the crowd with their sleep expertise. They quickly got up to speed in understanding our product and target markets, and began adding value from the outset to drive sales and build both our B2C and B2B Brands.”

— Andy King, Head of Marketing, Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd

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Sleep Industry Clients Trust Us

Engaging Patients
While Reducing Costs

The face of healthcare has changed forever. Today’s healthcare system is a consumer-based entity, and sleep industry providers must shift their mindsets to that of retailers and embrace a healthcare digital marketing strategy

Patient-Centred Approach for Life-Changing Results

As a full service digital marketing agency that’s a fully integrated part of a sleep apnoea medical device manufacturer, Somnowell is an agency with a difference. We offer a unique patient-centred approach to finding and helping new patients receive potentially life-changing sleep-related treatments, products and services.

Engage Patients
While Reducing Marketing Costs

In today’s world, people select a sleep industry provider differently than in the past. They go online to find “sleep apnoea specialist” or “CPAP products.” They follow social media closely, where strategically positioned ads boost a provider’s brand awareness and engagement — and gently push potential patients to book appointments.

Sleep apnoea consumers want high quality, convenience and value — just as they would with any necessary product or service. They are not “just” patients, they are customers/consumers. They want to know they can trust their sleep industry providers. That’s where expert digital marketing is essential — in building brand awareness and establishing providers as experts.

We use data-driven insights and our Lead Distribution and Response Solution (LDRS) – to help patients access sleep apnoea treatments that could improve their lives. We help businesses worldwide to enhance their patients’ experiences, increasing their performance so they can reach their goals.

The result is greater patient engagement, higher customer satisfaction, better patient care, and lower overall costs related to marketing.

Full-Service Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your business toolbox. Somnowell’s team of digital specialists is ready to deliver the growth you need — creating data-driven SEO campaigns, targeted websites, messenger marketing, lead distribution, as well as sales training to ensure your team is set up for success.

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People go online to find sleep products and sleep specialists. While most medical providers don’t like the term “customer,” they must realise that patients have choices and want an excellent experience at your practice. Each is requesting a service that you are uniquely qualified to provide. They want high quality, convenience and value in their providers. They expect excellent customer service and clear pricing — similar to any company they engage.

In fact, one report showed that 69.4 percent of patients would switch doctors to better satisfy their consumer-driven ideals.

When you genuinely focus on your patients’ needs, your efforts will reap both their trust and loyalty. Building these relationships will help ensure positive growth in patient acquisition and retention — for a long, healthy practice.

That’s where we can help

The best way to supercharge your sleep marketing campaign is to work with a specialised digital marketing agency. Somnowell Digital Marketing is an industry leader in sleep industry marketing — specifically, sleep marketing. We have helped numerous top sleep industry organizations to grow their companies. If you’re in the sleep industry and need a boost in your marketing, feel free to give us a call.

Sleep Industry Marketing: We Study The Stats

Ready to take your sleep apnoea marketing to the next level?
These marketing statistics will guide you to a powerful campaign.

Healthcare Marketing Statistics

5 Symptoms Your Sleep Marketing Isn’t Working

Social media and online searches are more competitive than ever before. You simply can’t afford to ignore these digital marketing components. When you strengthen your presence across all search engines and social media platforms, you greatly enhance your chances of attracting new patients.

The 5 mistakes that compromise your success:

#1 - Lack of Planning

If you have no plan, you have no winning strategy. Too many healthcare businesses (including sleep companies) make the mistake of having a non-strategy. At the very least, you must pay close attention to the steps that you’re actually taking – to make sure your money is well-spent.

A few marketing mistakes that sleep industry companies make:

  • Launching expensive PPC campaigns but failing to track conversions or any success metric.
  • Spending marketing dollars on a digital marketing campaign without a well-defined goal.
  • Ignoring the need for a professional brand for their healthcare company/clinic.
  • Deciding to keep marketing in-house, without any knowledge of marketing, resulting in wasted money and time without any positive results.

Unless your in-house marketing team is very competent, you’re wasting your hard-earned money. To achieve your goals, your professional clinic requires a professional digital marketing agency.

#2 - Your Leads Don’t Result in Sales or Appointments

If your marketing efforts don’t bring new patients to your doorstep, you’re obviously doing something wrong. Generating leads isn’t enough; they must be high-quality leads. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and money on your marketing.

What’s a lead? It’s a website or landing page visitor who has completed a form, indicating their interest in your sleep business. It’s important that those leads “convert” into actual appointments. Do they take the next step to book a visit? Just a 10% increase in lead quality can lead to a 40% revenue increase.

Lead quality is a measure of how likely a lead is to convert into a patient/buying customer. It’s the marketer’s job to collect information on these leads and rank them. If you’re getting good traffic on your website, but few conversions, your marketing strategy needs updating.

#3 - You’re Not Tracking Results

If you’re not measuring the results of your efforts, you won’t know if your campaigns are working. You must be able to track every aspect of your sleep-specific digital marketing campaign in order to measure your success. That’s the beauty of digital marketing — unlike traditional marketing (print, radio, TV).

Digital marketing is trackable, showing how many visitors have clicked on your sleep website, landing pages, etc. You can see exactly which website pages they’ve viewed, and how long they’ve stayed on those pages. You’ll know exactly whether a page has promoted a visitor to take the next step — whether they have signed up for emails, downloaded an app, or scheduled an appointment.

That’s very valuable information that guides your sleep marketing efforts, allowing you to see which efforts have paid off, which have not.

#4 - Your Website Looks Outdated

Your website reflects your brand, the “face” of your sleep company. It’s the first thing your prospective patients see when they start looking for a provider.

Has your site been audited recently? If you haven’t updated it, you risk losing potential patients/buyers. As with any interaction, it’s critical to make a great first impression. Those first 3-4 seconds a visitor spends on your sleep business website are key to converting that visitor into a patient. If your site looks outdated and/or unprofessional, you risk losing the patient to a competitor.

Your website also must be optimised with specific sleep industry-specific keywords so prospects will find it in Google search. A good digital marketing campaign ensures that your website presents a solid contemporary design, is easy to navigate, and is regularly updated.

#5 - Your Website Isn’t Top-Ranked in Search Results

Targeted keywords are the key to ranking high in search results. If your website doesn’t “pop to the top” in Google search, that means your marketing strategy needs help. Most online users don’t make it past the first page of search engine results, so your website will be ignored.

This is why your website needs a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. With a good sleep-focused SEO strategy, you will have solid web content that draws qualified leads — with backlinks and on-page optimization. SEO requires expertise and time but it’s certainly worth it. With a sound SEO strategy, you’ll acquire more patients plus build credibility and trust for your brand.

Benefits of working with us:

Modernize Your Sleep-Focused Marketing

If you’re relying on TV and billboard advertising, it’s time to join the digital world of marketing — because digital is the future. Traditional advertising simply can’t reap the same ROI in today’s world. It’s time to learn about marketing funnel campaigns that convert into real revenue for your sleep industry company.

Websites, social media, blogs, landing pages, email, video, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads are today’s revenue-generating marketing tools.

Choosing a Sleep-Focused Marketing Agency:
4 Criteria to Follow

You recognise the need for a digital marketing agency, but how to choose the right one?
These key areas will help you make the right choice.

#1 - Experience in Sleep Industry Marketing

The sleep industry presents a unique challenge that requires specialised knowledge. You need an experienced digital marketing agency with a firm grasp of issues facing healthcare providers – and the acumen to create a marketing plan to overcome them.

The marketing agency should demonstrate (via case studies) an in-depth knowledge of your competitors and the most effective marketing tools to build your business. The agency must understand marketing specific to your needs, whether you are a local sleep apnoea practice or a global sleep apnoea company.

#2 - Focuses on Patient Experience

Every prospective patient is also a consumer, and their experience is critical in every interaction. A sleep apnoea provider must be able to establish trust with these potential patients via a unified brand experience.

An agency that understands the patient experience will help you take control of your online presence. They’ll know how to project your practice or facility to consumers. Plus, they’ll ensure that there’s no disconnect between real-life patience experience and your online presence. As a result, you can get new patients via numerous channels while keeping current ones engaged.

#3 - Helps You Build Trust and Credibility

Trust is essential for every healthcare and medical provider, including sleep industry companies. Your online reputation is a critical component in building that trust. The right marketing agency will create a plan to build your online reputation. With a well-targeted content strategy, your business will be viewed as an authority in your specialty. With a blog, you’re establishing your brand as a thought leader in sleep medicine & sleep products — helping prospective patients with health-related questions.

Your agency must also help you deal with negative reviews, which are inevitable in today’s society. With the right advice, you can protect your reputation and maintain your patients’ trust.

#4 - Delivers Results

When you invest in marketing, you should expect to see results. Your healthcare marketing agency must be able to deliver on their promises. Some aspects of digital marketing can take time to show results, including SEO and content marketing. But you should see results in other aspects of your marketing, tangible improvements in your brand recognition.

Your healthcare marketing agency should be able to explain how they will help you achieve your goals. A good agency will not make lofty promises with cookie-cutter strategies. Make sure the agency has a system to monitor results and actively report the ROI.

Within a few months, you should witness improvements to critical marketing measures like the numbers of leads, lead quality, traffic, and number of calls or appointments. The results are critical to this process. If you don’t see a plan to achieve your marketing objectives, and you don’t see results, you must look for a new marketing agency.

Why Partner With Somnowell Marketing?

When sleep industry providers partner with Somnowell Digital Marketing, they see results that matter — along with proven marketing strategies and fresh creatives to achieve those goals.


We provide high-performing SEO campaigns, data-driven insight reports, and a dedicated account manager so more patients can access your life-enhancing sleep treatments and solutions, and your business can reach its goals.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. It can generate results that far outweigh the costs. Our team comprises digital marketing tacticians who are highly experienced in this area and ready to deliver the growth you need.

Website all-in-one

Our highly-skilled team can take your business goals and design, build and manage a reliable, high-performing website that helps more patients access your treatments and solutions.

Messenger marketing

Messenger Marketing can keep your treatments and solutions top of mind regardless of whether your sleep-focused practice or business is open or closed. It can free up your team’s valuable time and provide you with data insights that help you build a more effective organisation.

Sales training

We can ensure your team is set up for success by providing them with sales training so they can effectively manage the leads you receive. They’ll learn exactly what to say on calls and during follow-ups, the mistakes they need to avoid and techniques for dealing with challenging patients.

Lead distribution

How can your team manage high volumes of new patient enquiries more effectively? The key is automation that frees your business from outdated, manual processes. Lead distribution and response automation enables health businesses to grow without compromise.


Excellent question! Healthcare companies, including sleep industry organisations, need to generate revenue — that’s the bottom line. They must build their audience and attract new customers, clients, and partners. People seek out sleep industry services every day, and your business must be positioned to attract them, then nurture and convert them into patients who make appointments.

Just like every consumer, sleep industry consumers conduct research online, comparing providers, products and companies. They see adverts and blogs in social media and browser searches. Sleep industry marketing applies many practices and strategies including sleep-specific SEO, website design, blogs, email marketing, messenger marketing and content marketing.

Sales training is an often overlooked marketing tactic that ensures your prospective patients are nurtured and converted — utilising your office staff to engage in “soft” sales.

Here’s the big picture: how will patients find and select you as a sleep apnoea provider? In today’s marketplace, they will go online to search for “sleep apnoea specialists” or “CPAP products”, for example. That’s how it works for any business, including sleep apnoea businesses.

Your clinic or company will face competition from other providers, so you must have a plan to succeed. That’s why a strong digital reputation is essential. This is especially true for specialty medical services. With a well-developed sleep industry marketing plan, you can help ensure that patients keep calling, booking appointments, so you can build market share as well as a lean, efficient operation.

A sleep industry marketing company like Somnowell will support multiple marketing objectives, including:

  • Improving digital lead generation
  • Increasing conversion rates (new patients, scheduled appointments, etc.)
  • Boosting organic website traffic
  • Creating better rankings on Google for high-volume keywords

The cost of your marketing program will vary based on objectives, duration, and your particular medical specialty. While marketing can be an investment, a sleep marketing company can help you optimize your marketing to make sure you get a higher return on investment (ROI) and minimize cost per lead. Somnowell has experience delivering results for sleep industry companies, large and small, local and global, and within their budgetary limitations.

The best digital marketing mix will depend on the size and nature of your sleep industry business. Generally, it’s critical to enhance your digital presence so it meets today’s best practices. This includes your website, SEO, social media, and any existing marketing campaigns.

Somnowell’s experienced team of sleep industry marketing experts will work with your team to complete a comprehensive audit of your current marketing strategies. Following that analysis, we will recommend a detailed marketing plan, including specific performance metrics to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Curious to learn more?
Book a quick exploratory
call with us.

We’ll take the time to understand your objectives and needs, and share our experience of working successfully with businesses like yours.

Curious to learn more?
Book a quick exploratory
call with us.

We’ll take the time to understand your objectives and needs, and share our experience of working successfully with businesses like yours.