“Am I impressed? That is an understatement!” – Mark Anthony Rayner

How SleepQuest doubled its Webstore ecommerce revenue in 2023.


How to aggressively grow ecommerce revenue whilst remaining profitable in an increasingly competitive landscape.

With patient searches becoming more sophisticated and the ecommerce landscape for SleepQuest’s products becoming ever more competitive, aggressively growing revenue whilst remaining profitable required a re-shaping of the existing approach.

To increase revenue and improve organic visibility and new patient acquisition, Robert and his team needed to optimise the shop.sleepquest.com website and develop off-page SEO tactics, including increasing the amount of highly relevant content created, which is used to secure high quality backlinks from respected referring domains.

Their SEO plan at the start of 2022 was certainly respectable, but on its own couldn’t produce the organic results the business needed to grow in the medium term through to the end of 2023. Robert knew they needed to act quickly to implement a more sophisticated SEO strategy that would generate high quality prospective customers, and accelerate purchase decisions.


Use search intent optimisation to meet new patient needs more effectively.

The first step Robert and his team took was to use Somnowell Marketing to refresh the existing SEO strategy, which was finished in just four weeks and went live in January 2022. To improve page rankings, the agency optimised the website for search terms that were most useful for patients wanting to manage and cure their sleep disorders. Its customer research and deep understanding of sleep patients’ pain points, their world view and search context meant they could immediately apply this knowledge to SleepQuest’s advantage.

Robert also used Somnowell Marketing to develop an extensive link building campaign to improve the website’s authority, keyword rankings and overall competitiveness. They carried out technical optimisations, keyword analysis, and webpage redesign. Now, when sleep disorder patients search using terms that are contextually relevant to them, they are served content from SleepQuest that truly resonates. Improving the quality of Webstore visitors in this way has accelerated purchasing decisions, online transactions and revenue.

"In 2019 we were looking for a marketing partner to assist us with our digital marketing efforts. As a healthcare business who wants to attract both new patients and referring physicians, Somnowell quickly understood our business model, the different kinds of customers and the nuances of the sleep industry. The Webstore growth we experienced in 2023 is great testament to our ongoing work together, and to the plan we put together for this at the start of 2022."
Robert Koenigsberg
CEO, SleepQuest.

Industry: Healthcare, Sleep Apnea

SleepQuest, Inc. is a rapidly expanding National Health Services Company focused on Sleep Related Breathing Disorders. They have provided sleep care services for 20+ years with a comprehensive “continuum of care” that includes diagnostic sleep testing, titrations, and CPAP treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Working with respected experts, SleepQuest pioneered a unique system that utilises home testing and treatment – and empowers primary care physicians to medically manage their patients with sleep apnea. Working with Dr. William Dement, Robert built SleepQuest to complement existing sleep laboratories to bring treatment and relief to more people.

Markets: US



Increased Webstore revenue


Increased organic traffic


Increased referring domains


Increased Backlinks


Increased number of ranked Keywords


Increased Conversion Rate of Webstore


ROAS across Google Ads and Facebook Ads

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