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Winning With SEO and Website Design: How Intus Healthcare Increased Revenue By 531%.


A poor performing website was severely impacting revenue.

To improve visibility and sales of Intus Healthcare’s CPAP device, Tom and his team needed to significantly improve the CPAP.co.uk website. Since Google had changed its algorithm in 2019, the company’s organic traffic had plummeted.

Knowing that 75% of people don’t click beyond the first page of Google search, Tom needed to make quick and effective changes. People suffering from sleep disorders were struggling to access the company’s information, products and services. The longer this went on, the more Intus Healthcare’s opportunity to help people would diminish.


Launch a website highly focused on SEO and customer experience.

Tom and his team decided a website redesign and advanced SEO practices would be crucial in elevating the visibility of the site in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). He used Somnowell Marketing for their proven ability to truly heighten the customer experience by using sophisticated UX and UI strategies that reduced friction in the buyer’s journey.

The Somnowell Marketing team also used an advanced SEO strategy of on-page and off-page tactics to catapult Intus Healthcare’s up Google’s SERPs rankings. 

The initial design and set-up of the SEO strategy was finished in just four weeks and went live in April 2019. The website redesign followed soon after. Intus continues to use Somnowell Marketing to optimise the site and continually improve results at every stage of the funnel.

Now, CPAP.co.uk ranks as the first organic search result in Google search in the UK for “cpap”. Key drivers of business growth have also significantly increased, including revenue from the site by 531% and online transactions by 516%.

"We chose Somnowell Marketing because of their experience in the sleep therapy industry. We’re very pleased with the work they have conducted and the early indications of the impact are very encouraging."
Tom Parr
General Manager, Intus Healthcare Limited

Industry: Healthcare

Intus Healthcare has been helping people with Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) for many years, supported by a number of e-commerce and educational websites.

Intus cater for both private-paying individuals across Europe and supply numerous NHS Hospitals and sleep clinics with equipment throughout the UK.

Markets: UK



more revenue


more transactions


growth in new users


growth in e-commerce conversion rate

referring domains grown from 179 – 318


increase in sessions


increase in e-commerce conversion rate


increased website conversions

reduction in average page load time of 18.6%

number of keywords ranking in top 3 results improved from 8 to 96

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