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Driving Up Revenue: How Antwerp Dental Group Transformed Its Practice Using Direct-To-Patient Marketing


A highly competitive market resulted in a lack of new patients and caused revenue to decline

Antwerp Dental Group’s Royston practice in Hertfordshire, needed to attract more new patients each month. They decided to implement a digital marketing strategy to increase awareness of the practice and its treatments and Increase visibility when new patients were searching online. The ultimate goal was to generate new patient appointments for their main dental procedures. Raj and his team are committed to providing exceptional, high quality dental services and clinical care to patients in a timely manner. But as long as the business’s online visibility suffered, their opportunity to assist patients was also affected.


Use a direct-to-patient digital marketing strategy and campaign to find and educate new patients about the practice and its exceptional standards of customer care

Raj and his team used Somnowell Marketing to create the initial design of the digital marketing campaigns in just 4 weeks. This included designing, building and launching a series of microsites that reflected Antwerp Dental Croup’s main dental treatments. Traffic was then directed to these microsites using a set of highly targeted Google Ads campaigns. The campaigns are continually optimised and Raj and his team receive monthly calls to ensure the practice is receiving the maximum return for its investment. He also used Somnowell Marketing to provide sales training for the practice’s reception team, so they were best placed to deal with the increase in new patient enquiries generated by the digital marketing campaigns.

"Having spent a small fortune to buy and set up a boutique practice in Royston, and having tried for many years to increase revenue and turnover in a sleepy Hertfordshire town, I realised that my major shortfall was not having an effective marketing partner. Our skills and expertise seemed to be somewhat of a local secret in Royston.

Somnowell Marketing set up a series of microsites that reflected our core remunerative dental activities, and directed traffic to these microsites by means of a set of careful Google Ads campaigns. Loran Simon (MD of Somnowell Marketing) worked with me after hours to explain the key campaigns and agreed marketing budgets on a monthly basis to ensure that I was not losing share of search engine traffic.

When we went through a glitch where the increased traffic did not turn into revenue, Loran suggested that a member of his marketing team spend some time with my front of house staff to ensure that they were performing adequate and speedy follow ups to convert the extensive number of leads that we were seeing.

I gradually noticed the practice coming to life with more interesting and remunerative treatments coming into the practice and being accepted, and my practice started to experience a transformation. I now know that the investment was worthwhile.

Thank you Loran and team for helping me turn my practice around! "
Raj Wadhwani
Clinical Director Antwerp Dental Group


Established in 1999, Antwerp Dental Group owns 11 private Dental Practices in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.



new patient leads generated in 2 years


general dentistry leads


orthodontic leads


teeth whitening leads


invisalign leads


implant leads


new patient leads generated on average each month


conversion on web form enquiries


of website visits resulted in a phone call

average cost-per-lead £33.04

the increase in new patients has helped
Antwerp Dental Group to recruit an additional practitioner for this location

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