[HOW TO GUIDE] Google My Business for your practice – part 1

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Today I'd like to give you some more useful information about using GOOGLE MY BUSINESS for your dental practice.

This email is part 1 covering getting a listing, verifying your listing, optimising your listing, and getting Google reviews. In part 2 we'll cover optimising your Google My Business listing.

Getting a Google My Business listing

  1. To claim, or create, your Google My Business listing, go to https://business.google.com. Sign in with your Google account, or create one first if you do not have one.
  2. When logged in, click on "Add location", then complete all the fields in the form below.
  3. Add your contact details
  4. Add categories relevant for your practice.
  5. Add your business hours.
  6. Add as many photos as you can.
  7. Complete "My Story / Introduction".

In order to be found by your customers, you need to complete your business information. This will help your customers find you on Google search, Maps and Google+.
To get the best results from Google My Business it is important to provide all the required information.

Verifying your Google My Business listing

  1. Google needs to verify your listing before it is is fully active. A postcard verification option may appear automatically, if not, go to the dashboard and click on "Verification". It may also be possible to do a telephone verification instead, depending on your location.
  2. Check that details on the postcard are correct and click "Send postcard".
  3. The postcard will arrive within two weeks and will include a verification code.
  4. Once this has arrived, sign into your Google account.
  5. Enter the Verification code into your Google My Business dashboard. It is very important that you verify your Google My Business listing, otherwise it will not be fully active.

Optimising your listing

  • Verify your business locations, as detailed above. This will help your listing to appear for users across Google products, like Maps and Search.
  • Add Photos that will make your listing stand out.
  • Add complete and detailed business information so Google can better match your listing to relevant searches.
  • Manage and respond to reviews.
  • Encourage patients to upload photos of your practice.

Your Google review count and score are factored into local search ranking: more reviews and positive ratings will probably improve your local ranking.

Getting Google reviews

  • Ask your patients to leave reviews.
  • Reply to reviews to build trust.

Use our email campaign designed to get Google reviews from your existing patients. This can be downloaded here.


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