[HOW TO GUIDE] Dental treatment Google ads conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

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Today I'd like to give you some useful information about dental GOOGLE ADS CONVERSION RATE OPTIMISATION.

Google Adwords CRO

Keywords, ads, and data analysis, are at the heart of Google Adwords performance. The keywords must focus on the search terms that potential patients are using. The ads must be relevant and entice the patient to click the ad.

Consider your practice’s unique selling points

Think of the things that make your practice special. What is different about your practice? What skills and qualities does the team have? Do you have longer opening hours? Do you offer free consultations or payment plans? Is there something special about the treatments you offer?

Add these things to the text of your Google ads. Try different selling points on different ads in the same ad group. This will then enable you to see which selling points are getting the best click-through-rates (CTR).

Consider the keywords / search terms for each treatment

Use the Keyword Planner inside your Adwords account to look for new keywords that you think are indicative of a patient that is looking for a provider of your services, or seriously considering them. These types of search terms are going to indicate a higher level of intent that keywords indicating patients are just looking for information about a treatment.

Negative keywords

Use the negative keyword lists that are available on the Google Adwords downloads page. These will help to ensure that your ads are not appearing for search terms that are unlikely to be of value. Such as "trouser" for an orthodontics campaign, so people searching for 'trouser braces' do not see your ad and click on it.

However, there may be more negative keywords that you can find to help further improve the campaign performance. If you look in the "Search Terms" list, in the "Keywords" tab, you will see the actual search terms that have triggered your ad to show. By looking through this list of search terms you may find words that are not of value to you. You can then add these words as negative keywords so that your ads to do not show for them in future.

Create a second version of each ad

It is important, and easy, to create a second ad in each ad group. When you create two ads in each ad group Google will automatically split test them for you. This means that Google will show one ad to visitor A and the other ad to visitor B. Google will track which ad is getting the most clicks, and then show only the best performing ad.

If you are using conversion tracking, you can change the default ad delivery settings so that Google will track which ad is getting the most conversions, and then show only the best performing ad.

We do not recommend creating more than 2 ads within an ad group, as it will take longer to get enough data for you or Google to decide which is the winning ad variation. It is best to test two ads, find a winner, pause the loser, and then create a new version to test against the winning ad.

Analyse click-through-rates, conversion rates, and booked treatments

Arguably the most important thing about digital marketing is that fact that it provides you a wealth of data with which to optimise all aspects of your campaigns.

Start by looking at the click-through-rates (CTR) of your ads and keywords. You can see this data at the campaign level, ad group level, keyword level, and ad level. At the ad level you should see the two competing ads within the ad group that you have created. At the keyword level you can see the different click-through-rates for different keywords. You can then compare the CTR's for the time period selected. The longer the time persion the more data you will have to look at. To make good decisions you should make sure the ad or keyword with the winning CTR has a high statistical significance, ideally over 90%, you can use a free online tool to check.

Also look at the conversion rate of the keywords and ads. This is possible if you are using conversion tracking. Different keywords and ads will have different conversion rates. By comparing the conversion rates you can discover which keywords and ads are achieving the highest conversion rates. You can then check the statistical significance of the data using a free online tool, ideally it should be over 90%. You can then focus on the best performing keywords and ads, this can deliver you more patient enquiries at the same cost.

Ideally you should be tracking the conversion rate of patient enquiries to treatment bookings. And also the return on investment percentage of the ad spend to the treatment value. Analysing this data will enable you to focus your budget on the campaigns that are bringing you the best returns. Optimising at this level typically takes place at the campaign level. So if you are creating separate campaigns for each treatment, you can then focus on the treatment campaigns that are delivering the best results.


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