[HOW TO GUIDE] Dental landing pages conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

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Today I'd like to give you some useful information about dental LANDING PAGES CONVERSION RATE OPTIMISATION.

Landing Pages CRO

A landing page is often the most effective place to improve your conversion rates. Typically targeted traffic is sent to a landing page, and on that landing page you are trying to get the patient to take a desired action, such as completing an enquiry form, or calling a telephone number.

To improve the conversion rate of the landing page you should create an exact duplicate of the landing page, make a change on the duplicate landing page that you think may improve the conversion rate. The first version is A, and the second version is B. This is called A/B split testing. You then send 50% of the traffic to version A, and 50% to version B.

Over time you can see the difference in conversion rate between the two versions. It is important to check the statistical significance of the data before deciding which version is the winner. You can check the significance using a free only tool, ideally the significance should be over 90%. Even then, there is still a 1 in 10 chance that the winner will not continue to outperform the other version over time.

The lower the amount of traffic the landing pages recieve, and the lower the number of conversions, the longer it will take to get statistically significant data. This is exacerbated if the conversion rates are very similar.

Ideas to improve the conversion rate of your landing pages

There are many things that you can test to try and improve the conversion rate of your landing pages. We recommend only testing one change at a time, so you can be sure which change gas affected the conversion rate.

The below suggestions are in order of priority.
1. Simplify: make the page design simpler. The more complex the page is, and the more content it contains, the more things there are for the patient to think about and consider before taking the desired action.

2. Headline and subheader: change the headline, try to write a more compelling headline, perhaps a question addressing the patient’s “pain point”. Alternatively focus on the main benefit of the treatment.

3. Incentive: try to give the patient an incentive to give you their contact details. Try offering a free information PDF, or a limited time money off voucher.

4. Prominent call-to-action: provide a clear call-to-action, so the patient is clear what action you want them to take. For example make sure the contact form is above the fold and stands out. Make clear what the patient will get if they complete the contact form. What is in it for them?

5. Free consultation: if possible offer a free consultation, or a no-obligation consultation.

6. Main image: choose an image that has an emotional impact, and that you believe will resonate with your target audience.

7. Treatment benefits: highlight the main treatment benefits, write about how the treatment will benefit the patient and improve their life. Use photos to emphasise.

8. Testimonials: add testimonials from your patients. Choose ones that describe the end result, and others that answer some questions prospective patients may have.

9. Logos: add relevant logos to the landing page that a patient may recognise. Logos of associations can also demonstrate authority.

10. Demographics: make sure the images on the landing page are appropriate for the the target demographic.

11. Scent: make sure that the ad and landing page are congruent. Ideally the image on the ad and the ad headline should match the image and headline of the landing page.


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