How to design a dental advert that actually converts (lessons learnt from testing over 423,569 ads!)

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I’d like to share with you some lessons learnt after testing over 423,569 adverts for dental treatments. I think this will help you in your own marketing for your dental practice.

Over the last 5 years I have tested a lot of Google and Facebook ads for our dental laboratory Somnowell Ltd ( that I set up with my father-in-law Visiting Professor Simon Ash, consultant and specialist Orthodontist, and for my done-for-you digital marketing service ( for dental practices.


The advert that you place on Google or Facebook is the first impression and one of the most important parts of the puzzle that is digital marketing.

The advert is what generates the click and brings people to you. Get it right and you will get more people visiting your offers and therefore more patients at the end of it. Get it wrong and a lot of money will be wasted.

So what does a HIGH CONVERTING GOOGLE AD look like?


Here are the key elements:

1. The first line (headline) needs to contain the keyword the person used when searching, in this case “emergency dentist”.
2. Lines 2 and 3 need to convey benefits and contain a call to action.
3. The link at the bottom should again contain the searched for keyword.


As you can see from the data above, this ad gets an almost 5% click through rate. This is 5 times higher than most ads on Google. Google in turn rewards this by giving you a lower cost per click.

So what does a HIGH CONVERTING FACEBOOK AD look like?


Here are the key elements:

1. To avoid falling foul of Facebook rules you must not use the word “you” or ‘call out’ the user in healthcare adverts.
2. The image must be eye catching and relevant for the target group. And it must not contain more than 20% text (another one of Facebook’s rules).
3. There should be a strong call to action.
4. There should be a special offer if possible.


For Google ads you should only target the search terms that will actually generate patient enquiries. And you must use a lot of negative keywords so that your ads do not appear for lots of irrelevant searches. Think of all the different types of implants that you would not want your dental implant ads to show for.

For Facebook ads the targeting possibilities are a marketers dream. Imagine being able to target people that have recently moved home with ads for private dentistry. Or imagine being able to target people that have recently become engaged with ads for orthodontics. All this is possible, and a lot lot more.

For our clients we typically create hundreds of adverts in their Google and Facebook advertising accounts.


The reason is simple, by creating highly relevant ads, and by split testing different variations, you get the best results.


The above results show how many new patient enquiries (column 1) were generated, and at what cost pe

r enquiry (column 2), over the last 30 days for one client. This client received almost 100 new patient enquiries across all campaigns.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Next week I am ready to OPEN THE DOORS AGAIN at Somnowell Marketing for dentists that want to get more patients for any of their desired treatments, such as orthodontics, implants, teeth whitening, nervous patients, etc.

We only work with one dental practice per area, so we can get the best results for one practice and not be running campaigns that are competing against each other.

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In a nutshell:

– you tell us the treatments you want to more patients for, the geographical area, and the advertising budget (we can advise), we will then set-up and manage the digital marketing campaigns for you

– myself, and Joel McDonald (author of Google Adwords for Dummies) and other leading experts, oversee your campaigns

– everything is in your name, so you have full transparency and can keep everything forever

– there is an all inclusive management fee, we do not charge extra for setting everything up, and there are no hidden fees

If this sounds like it might be of interest to you just CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A CALL with me to learn more.

Here are some kind words:

“…Somnowell Marketing should be at the top of your list.” – Dr Neil Gerrard, Clifton Dental Studio
“…I cannot recommend them highly enough.” – Dr Ashley Davenport, Balsall Common Dental
“…I would not hesitate to recommend them.” – Dr Pchatar Samra, The Dental Centre
“…ahead of the curve and provide a good return on investment.” – Dr Athyr Al-Killidar, UK Smile


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After generating more than 85,000 patients for our own dental lab, and for the clients of our digital marketing agency for dental practices, I cracked the code for running successful online marketing campaigns.