How this dentist got 46 new patients for only £183 in 30 days

By Loran Simon | Our Service

This week I made an analysis of a client's Google Adwords campaigns and was delighted to find that he received 46 new patient enquiries for only £183 in the last 30 days!

The number £3.98, underneath "Cost / conv.", is the average cost for each new patient enquiry, NOT the cost per click.

Conversions are patients who have called the practice, or patients that have filled out the contact form on the web page. Both are tracked and therefore we are able to see this data.

The other stats from this client's Adwords account are equally impressive.

In summary:

Ad click-through-rate = 10.67% (very high)

Landing page conversion rate = 20% (exceptionally high)

When you have a CTR of 10% and a conversion rate from click to enquiry / call of 20%, then your results are going to be very impressive.

But why does this client have such good results? Well, for a start the practice is located in an area with low competition. It is surprising how many areas of the UK and Ireland have very little competition from other dentists on Google Adwords.

And where do we go from here with this client?

Well, we are targeting a 1 mile radius of the practice and there is a lost impression / market share due to budget of 31%. And all the campaigns are limited by budget, which means more people are searching than the budget allows us to show the ads for. It therefore make sense to focus the budget on the highest performing areas, so we can get more leads for the same budget.

The mobile campaigns typically convert at 51% higher than the desktop campaigns. As the campaigns are limited by budget we have paused the desktop campaigns, this should results in around 50% more enquiries.

Plus the weekday campaigns are performing better than the weekend campaigns. The weekday campaigns had 75% of the enquiries and converted at 31%, whereas the weekend campaigns had 25% of the enquiries and converted at 18%. So we have paused the weekend campaigns, as this will help to get more enquiries from the available budget.

Furthermore the lost impressions / market share shows that if we increase the budget by 30% we should get around 30% more enquiries.

Are you using Google Adwords to find new patients? If not, you really should be. There are many areas in the UK where competition on Google Adwords is very low, as demonstrated above.

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If this sounds like it might be of interest I'd like to invite you to schedule a 15 minute call with me. Just CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A CALL.

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