How much do we need to spend? The answer to the NUMBER 1 question we get about digital marketing…

By Loran Simon | Our Service

I’d like to share with you the answer to the number one question I get regarding digital marketing. HOW MUCH SHOULD WE SPEND? I think this will help you in your own marketing for your dental practice.

Knowing how much to spend is an important question, whether you are spending £350 or £350,000 as we have done for our dental lab to drive patients to our dentists.


There are many ways to answer this critical question HOW MUCH SHOULD WE SPEND?

Some are true and kind of helpful, like:

“Spend as much as you feel comfortable with.”

“You get out what you put in.”

But they don’t really help you decide how much to spend.

This question highlights the best thing about digital marketing – YOU CAN SEE EXACTLY WHAT RESULTS YOUR MONEY HAS GENERATED. And you can spend as little as £1.

And it highlights the worst things about traditional marketing – YOU CAN’T REALLY KNOW FOR SURE WHAT IS WORKING AND WHAT ISN’T. You typically have to pay hundreds, if not thousands, for an offline advertisement.

When you advertise on Google for example, you ONLY pay when someone actually CLICKS on your advert AFTER they searched for your chosen treatment and visited your website (or highly optimised landing page – more on that another time).

So, we have something to start with. The cost of of a click. Let’s say that a click costs £0.50. Before we go on, just let that sink in for a moment. You have paid Google £0.50 to bringing someone to your website EXACTLY when they were SEARCHING for your treatment. This has never been possible before. This is intent marketing. Not interruption marketing. This is why Google is the most valuable company in the world.

Now, if it takes 10 clicks / visitors to your website to get one new patient enquiry, then that new patient enquiry has cost you £5. A highly optimised webpage (that we make for ALL campaigns that we manage) will convert at 10%. BUT a normal website will typically convert at 1-2%. So for every 100 visitors you will get 1-2 enquiries.


Ok, so let’s imagine the treatment has a value of £1,500, and the profit is £1,000. Now all you need to decide is how much of the profit you are prepared to spend to acquire a new patient for that treatment. This will then be your maximum cost per acquisition for that treatment.

In practice we start with some basic assumptions from our experience generating almost 100,000 new patient enquiries for dentists from Google and Facebook advertising. As a rule of thumb a new patient enquiry from Facebook advertising will cost around £5 to £10, and £10 to £20 from Google advertising. But remember the difference between intent (Google) marketing and interruption (Facebook) marketing.

Our individual practice clients typically have monthly budgets ranging from £300 per month to £2,000 per month.

So why am I telling you all of this?

This week I am OPENING THE DOORS AGAIN at Somnowell Marketing for dentists that want to get more patients for any of their desired treatments, such as orthodontics, implants, teeth whitening, nervous patients, etc.

We only work with one dental practice per area, so we can get the best results for one practice and not be running campaigns that are competing against each other.

If this sounds like it might be of interest to you CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A CALL with me to learn more.

In a nutshell:

– you tell us the treatments you want to more patients for, the geographical area, and the advertising budget (we can advise), we will then set-up and manage the digital marketing campaigns for you

– myself, and Joel McDonald (author of Google Adwords for Dummies) and other leading experts, oversee your campaigns

– everything is in your name, so you have full transparency and can keep everything forever

– there is an all inclusive management fee, we do not charge extra for setting everything up, and there are no hidden fees

If this sounds like it might be of interest to you CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A CALL with me to learn more.

Here are some kind words:

“…Somnowell Marketing should be at the top of your list.” – Dr Neil Gerrard, Clifton Dental Studio
“…I cannot recommend them highly enough.” – Dr Ashley Davenport, Balsall Common Dental
“…I would not hesitate to recommend them.” – Dr Pchatar Samra, The Dental Centre
“…ahead of the curve and provide a good return on investment.” – Dr Athyr Al-Killidar, UK Smile


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