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Healthcare Companies: Google Ads = Good Profits

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If you’re fairly new to digital marketing, terms like PPC (pay-per-click) and Google Ads may be rather confusing. Essentially, this is a form of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. 

Specific keywords are built into your Google Ads, and every time your ad is clicked, sending a visitor to your website, the search engine gets a small fee. This small fee ($3, for example) is worth the investment, as the click can result in a $300 sale for dental treatment, for example — quite a good profit. 

An effective PPC campaign requires considerable research to determine the right keywords, to organize those keywords into campaigns and ad groups, and creating landing pages which are optimised to get clicks — and conversions, including email addresses for follow-up. 

When advertisers create well-targeted pay-per-click campaigns, search engines charge them less for ad clicks — a reward. And if your ads and landing pages get a good response from users, Google charges you less per click — which results in higher profits for your business. 

So it’s necessary to “do it right” if you’re going to use PPC ads. 

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising system on the internet. Using the Ads platform,  businesses create ads that appear on Google’s search engine.

Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click model — which means that users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their adverts. Whenever a search is initiated, Google digs into the deep bucket of Ads advertisers — and chooses the “winners” for the ad space on search results page. The “winners” are based on various factors, including quality and keyword relevance.

PPC marketing via Google Ads is especially valuable because Google is the most popular search engine, with massive search traffic. The frequency of your PPC ads will depend on keywords and match types you’ve selected — as well as landing page quality. Your landing page must be persuasive, with relevant content and a clear call-to-action. 

An effective PPC keyword list should be relevant to your business, exhaustive — including long- tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are more specific and they account for the majority of search-driven traffic. In addition, they are less competitive, and therefore less expensive.

Tracking Your PPC Campaigns

You must check your PPC ads regularly to make sure they are effective. You should continuously analyse the performance and adjust keywords to optimise your campaigns. Also, you may need to modify your landing pages and calls-to-action (CTA) — all to boost conversion rates. 

Ready for PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising has helped healthcare providers get the consumer attention they need to thrive. Our team has helped many healthcare businesses just like yours with PPC/Google Ads marketing campaigns. Our expert writers, designers and social media specialists can create and implement a campaign that drives content and sales. The team will work with you to develop the plan, then create every element (with your approval) so that it reflects your brand, your unique selling points, your goals. 

Let’s get started!

Loran Simon

Loran Simon

Loran Simon is the Founder of Somnowell, one of the UK’s leading oral appliances to help to cure snoring and sleep apnea. Over the past 10 years, Somnowell’s growth has been mainly achieved using the digital marketing services of Somnowell Marketing, an agency that Loran Simon also founded and manages. The agency consistently generates thousands of new patient enquiries for Somnowell’s network of dentists.


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