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I have found the digital advertising campaign has now proven to be very effective at bringing in new foot-fall by raising my profile on Google and via Facebook. Most of these patients have come specifically looking for treatment and are well motivated. Loran’s team have produced a professional looking service.

Dr. Matthew Houlton,

Manor House Dental Practice

*These FAQs relate to our Done-For-You services only.

What guarantee do you offer?

Our exclusive Digital Advertising service is guaranteed to generate new patient enquiries every month, or we will happily refund you.

How can you provide such a guarantee?

We have spent over £500,000 of our own money developing digital marketing campaigns to generate new patient enquiries for dentists. The campaigns we create work.

What other costs will there be?

In terms of the costs, there are only 2 costs.

One is the fee you pay us each month. That it includes all the set-up of the ad accounts, adverts, web pages, emails, and remarketing ads. Plus the ongoing management, optimisations, and upgrades of all the campaigns when new improved targeting features and ad formats are tested and released.

Second (Digital Advertising only) is what you pay directly to Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for the clicks on the ads. This is controlled by a daily limit that you decide for both. The practices we work with have monthly budgets that range from just 300 to 3,000 (£/$/€) per month. As a rule of thumb you get new patient enquiries from Facebook for around 5-10 (£/$/€) and from Google for around 10-20 (£/$/€). Form that you can work out the number of new patient enquiries you will get.

For the Social Media and SEO (search engine optimisation) service there is only the fee you pay us each month.

Is it one fee per treatment?

No. The monthly fee covers everything. All the ads (for each treatment), landing pages (special high converting web pages for each treatment), email series (for each treatment), etc for all treatments are covered by one fee.

How do we decide how much to spend?

We will advise you how much your monthly budget should be and how to divide between the treatments. In the beginning this will be based on which treatments you want more patients for. Then we will make adjustments based on the performance of the campaigns.

How do I get started?

First we should speak on the phone. Then we will send you a proposal. You can then click the accept button in the proposal and we will get started setting everything up for you.

How long does it take to set everything up?

There is a lot to do and we aim to get everything set-up in 4 weeks.

How can you provide so much for such a low cost?

We only work with dental practices. Therefore we can leverage our in-depth industry know-how.

Will this affect the website management company?

No. Most practices we work with have existing website management companies. We will not be taking this over. We specialise in digital marketing, specifically full service advertising and social media. Website management companies are used to working with us. There may be some small things we need from them, such as adding tracking codes to your website.

Do you offer exclusivity?

Yes. Our main priority is the patients- we don’t want to saturate the market.

We are pleased to offer you exclusivity in your local postcodes area for the services we provide to you. This means we won’t deliver the same services to any of your local competitors whilst we are working with you, ensuring that only your Practice can take advantage of our highly regarded strategies for SEO and Digital Advertising for your local area.

The actual exclusive postcodes will be mutually agreed and included in our signed agreement with you.

How does your service differ to others?

Our digital marketing services are personally led by Loran Simon (masters level certified) and his team who ensure your campaigns are always at the cutting edge. The team includes Joel McDonald (author of Google Adwords for Dummies), Ze Zook (author of Marketing Communications – Integrating Offline and Online with Social Media), and Manuel Da Costa (founder of Conversion World). Plus our award nominated team of designers and developers.

We provide a tried and tested digital marketing system that generates new patient enquiries and nurtures those those that are not immediately ready to proceed. This includes all the adverts, the landing pages (special high converting web pages for each treatment), the email replies, the remarketing and follow-up emails.

There are two further keys areas: targeting and follow-up.

The targeting we use is highly sophisticated. We run many Google campaigns for dental practices so we know exactly which search terms people use when they are most likely to make an enquiry. We are able to look across all the campaigns we manage and see what is working. With Facebook the algorithms are continuously learning which type of person is most likely to be interested in each particular treatment.

The follow-up systems we use are also highly sophisticated. People that are not ready to make an enquiry, or who do make and enquiry but are not ready to book the appointment, are nurtured with their own remarketing campaigns. We answer the common questions that people have by showing them separate remarketing adverts, informational web pages, and follow-up email series.

We provide an enterprise level service for individual practices. We developed the systems and expertise over 6 years for our sister company, a multi-national dental lab that generates thousands of new patient enquiries each month for its network of dentists.

Do I need to provide you with anything?

No. You only need to approve the designs we make for you. We will of course make any changes you want.

We will provide all the text and images required for the adverts, landing pages (special high converting web pages for each treatment), and emails. We will get your branding from your website and anything else you provide us with. If there any images that you want us to use we will use them.

Can you make the designs look like my current website?

Yes. Many practices we work with have invested in their branding already and want to ensure that we use the same branding in the campaigns. We are able to customise the designs we make until you are happy with them.

Can you control the campaigns so I don't get overloaded with clients?

We will create campaigns only for the treatments that you want new patients for. Many clients want new patients for all their treatments. Whereas others only want new patients for one or two of their treatments. The campaigns can be dialled up or down at any time.

Where will the adverts appear?

With the Digital Marketing (advertising) service the adverts will appear on Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, and other websites that are part of the Google Display Network.

On Google Search the adverts will be shown at the chosen position at the top of the Google search results page when someone is searching for a particular treatment that you want more new patients for.

On Facebook the adverts will appear in the newsfeed of the target audience.

What happens when a new patient makes an enquiry?

New patient enquiries will typically come in one of three ways. The most common way is for the person to make an enquiry via the web form that we create on each landing page (special high converting web pages for each treatment). In this case the enquiry will be sent directly to you by email.

The second way is for the patient to call you directly using the telephone number displayed on the web page.

The third way is for the patient to search for your practice on Google after they have seen the advert or landing page. The patient will then make an enquiry using your website contact form or by calling the number on your website.

How will my existing campaigns be managed during the cross over?

We will manage any existing campaigns that you have running until the new campaigns are ready to go live.

How will we know the new patient enquiry is from the campaigns you have made for us?

The enquiries from our campaigns will be clearly marked as such. Furthermore, everything we do is tracked. We have to track all the conversions (new patient enquiries) so that we know what is working well and optimise accordingly. We do this by adding special tracking code to every landing page (special high converting web pages for each treatment), and to your website.

We are also able to track phone calls by using trackable numbers on the Google Search campaigns.

Are new patient enquiries comprehensively followed up with using your system?

Some clients have their own CRM and chose to not use our follow-up system. Other clients with their own CRM use our follow-up system, and others ask us to build our follow up system into their CRM. We are experienced with CRM integrations.

Our follow up system works as follows from the point at which a new patient enquiry is generated.

– Each new patient enquiry is immediately emailed to whichever email addresses you want. Then someone from your team can call them. Alternatively if you use a CRM we can have the new patient enquiries immediately entered into it.

– Our email system will immediately send the new patient enquiry an email. This is from your email address, but via our system, so any replies go directly into your own inbox. The email is written by us and customised for you, and is treatment specific. You can request any changes you want to the email templates.

– Then our system will send a further four emails that answer the common questions new patients have. They cover the benefits of treatment, the costs, how it works, the next steps.

– Furthermore our follow up system includes remarketing ads on the Google Display Network and Facebook that run in sync with these emails and also take people to webpages (in your brand) that cover in more detail the benefits of treatment, the costs, how it works, the next steps. These have contact forms so that the people who did not make an enquiry on the first visit have another opportunity to contact you as they learn more and are ready to proceed.

What are the benefits of using both the Digital Marketing (advertising) service and the Social Media and SEO service?

We highly recommend you use both services. The simple reason is that the results are better when you use both.

The reason is that audience of people you build with the advertising service is very valuable, they are all people from your area who have expressed an interest in your services. The social media service enables us to use the blog posts and social media posts as a further layer of long term remarketing. This will help to convert more of the new patient enquiries into patients.

The digital advertising in combination with the social media remarketing is a very effective strategy. This will help keep you further ahead of your competitors as they will not be doing this.

Furthermore, the people who Like, Comment, and Share the social media posts will get you more exposure and Likes from the friends of those people. These people are going to be more likely to trust your practice as they have the social proof from their friend, plus they will often be local people.

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