Facebook Lessons for Dentists (from the Big Brands)

By Loran Simon | Blogging

Certainly, Facebook is a place for vacation pics, selfies and memes. But it’s also an excellent venue to market your dental practice. When you share blog posts or other content on Facebook, you’re marketing to your online community, your followers, as well as many more people in your neighborhood, town, city.

The “big brand” companies know this, including auto makers like Nissan. They are experts at using Facebook and other social media to their marketing advantage. A few of their secrets were revealed in a recent article. Here’s a synopsis of what you can learn from the big boys.

Case Study: Nissan’s tips to for creating social media content

As with any marketing tactic, your messaging must be spot-on – or people will scroll right past it. Blog posts, for example, need to meet certain criteria. Your social media specialist should:

  • Monitor the news your fans are seeing — and share or repost those links on your own page.
  • Don’t be afraid to broaden the posts beyond the main topic (your medical specialty), as long as it’s relevant to your readers.
  • Use product-specific keywords, when applicable, as with any online marketing.
  • Post on Sundays, or during other business “off-hours” when people have time to scroll their computer and phone feeds.

Your goal is to become “a socially interesting brand,” says Erick Marx, Director, Interactive & Social Media Marketing / Public Relations for Nissan. To that end, “it’s important to mix it up media-wise … with videos, photos, third-party links, and quotes.”

All this can be accomplished through your blog posts. When they are written well — and posted with photos, links, quotes and videos – they will reinforce your expertise in your community.

If your blog posts provide valuable content beyond the services you provide, they will enhance your reputation as a generous physician who cares about the fans’ overall health and well-being – not just about getting them in the door.

The more you know about what interests [your fans,] the more likely you are to create content that tightens the relationship they have with your brand.

And that, my friends, equals more feet through your practice’s doorway.



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