“Am I impressed? That is an understatement!” – Mark Anthony Rayner

Environmental responsibility

Why we plant trees

At Somnowell Marketing, we help healthcare companies develop and implement online marketing campaigns and software to achieve their goals, but we also think it is important to take care of the planet while we’re at it. Not just to offset our CO2 emissions, but also to contribute to the regrowing of wildlife habitats and raising awareness.

Being an online company, we wanted to make our website CO2 neutral and a positive contribution while involving our clients in the process. That is why we will plant one tree each month for each of our clients, and we plant enough trees each month to offset all of our employees CO2.

Partnered up with

We partnered up with Tree-Nation, an organisation dedicated to fighting climate change.

With 212 planting projects from 33 different countries, and with over 136 572 people and 2436 companies engaged, we believe this organisation can make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Projects we are supporting

We are currently supporting the CommuniTree in Nicaragua, Trees for water project in India and Habitat Recovery & Kindness in the United States.

How it works

We will plant 1 tree per month per client as well as for our staff members. You will receive a confirmation email with the title ‘Somnowell Marketing Ltd offered you a tree on Tree-Nation’. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check under promotions or your spam inbox.

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