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ByLoran Simon|Our Service

Today I am giving you the details of our best performing Google Adwords campaign. This is what we call the 'Dentist' campaign, and it targets people who are search in Google for a dentist, i.e. "emergency dentist", "dentist near me", etc.

As you can see from the Google Adwords screenshot below, one client recently received 26 phone calls from people looking for a dentist over the last 30 days, and the total cost was £43. And the conversion rate is 54%. This means that over half of the people who see the ad are calling the practice!

The ad looks like this:

Here is a folder with downloads (Google Adwords keywords and negative keywords, Google Adwords Checklist, Google ads) that you can use to make your own Google Adwords Dentist campaign.


When you create the campaign it is very important to use a Call Ad Extension. This will show your telephone number with the ad itself, so that people on a mobile phone can click-to-call. Here is where you can find the setting.

It is also important to ensure the ad are only shown to people that actually live in the area. You can do this by selecting "People in my targeted location" from the 'Location options (advanced). Here is where you can find the setting.

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