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Today I am going to give you the low down on a really simple, and low cost, set of Facebook campaigns that can help you grow your Facebook Page fans. Whilst also giving your website SEO a boost, if done correctly.

We call them the Facebook Page Post Boosting campaigns. We create 3 campaigns that boost the most recent Facebook Page posts. We boost each post for 7 days, and with a budget of just £1 per day for each campaign, so £3 per day in total.

One campaign boosts the posts to the Facebook Page Fans. The second campaign boosts the post to the Friends of the Fans. The third campaign boosts to the post to the people that have visited your website.

These campaigns get fantastic engagement for very little cost.

As you see above, the campaigns have generated 111 post engagements for a total cost of £39.

Many of the people that engagement with these posts will be local people. And when they engage with the post, all of their friends will see the post as well. Many of their friends will also be local people.

The beauty of the Friends of Fans campaign is that the boosted post, which is effectively an advert, gets the additional social proof as well. Even though the friend of your fans do not know your practice, they will see their friends name at the top of the advert, as shown below.

This is what a typical boosted Facebook Page post looks like.

And here are the results from the above boosted post. 14 engagements from the Friends of Fans alone, plus it was seen by 485 people (most likely local people), and the cost was £4.71.

To target the Fans and Friends of Fans you need to go into the Ad Set settings, as below.


To target your website visitors you first need to get your Facebook Pixel and add it to your website. You can get your Pixel in the Settings, as below.

So how can these boosted Facebook Posts help your website SEO? Well, if you notice in the above post, you will see it has a link. The link goes to a blog post on the practice website. By boosting the post you will often generate traffic and links to the blog post. These can in turn help your website SEO.

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