[DOWNLOAD] Dental social media MEMES

By Loran Simon | Our Service

Today I'd like to give you some FREE downloads of dental social media MEMES, like the one below.

Social media memes are humorous or inspirational images with text. You've probably seen them yourself many times on Facebook.

They are a great way to get the attention of your social media followers. Patients will Like them, and Share them, and this helps you to get more exposure.

At the same time you can touch on dental health, like in the example above.

Here is a folder with 23 other FREE MEMES that you can download and share on your practice social media accounts.


So why am I giving these to you?

Well, we sustain a fantastic reputation in the dental industry and deliver incredible results using digital marketing to every single one of our clients, at the most affordable prices.
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7 years ago I set-up our dental laboratory (somnowell.com) with my father-in-law Visiting Professor Simon Ash, a specialist Orthodontist.

We drove patient demand ourselves by advertising directly to patients with digital marketing.
After successfully cracking-the-code I set up a dental digital marketing service (somnowellmarketing.com). On average we generate new patient enquiries at £19 each for our clients.

Last month for one of our clients we generated 12 new Invisalign cases in a one day event.

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After generating more than 85,000 patients for our own dental lab, and for the clients of our digital marketing agency for dental practices, I cracked the code for running successful online marketing campaigns.