Do You Use Dental Photographs in Your Marketing?

ByLoran Simon|Marketing

White Teeth with toothbrush. Dental health backgroundIf a patient asks for before-and-after pictures of cosmetic dental work, braces, implants – can you provide them?

If you have a complex dental case, and want to monitor it, do you take clinical photographs during the course of treatment?

Dental photography is the real solution to these problems. And it’s critical to your marketing. Everyone want to see case studies these days. They want visible proof that what you say is true. That you’re as good as you say.

Free course in dental photography

Today, dental photography is as common as dental x-rays. Every modern dental practice does it, says Mike Sharland, a professional photographer. Mike has been teaching dental photography at the University of Birmingham for over 35 years. He is qualified with a Diploma in Photography in 1971, and is currently Technical Lead Clinical Photography at the University of Birmingham.

He’s offering a FREE course in Dental Photography through a website called “Future Learn.

You’ll like this course, I think

We discovered Mike’s course not long ago, and want to pass the tip off to you.

The skills you learn can be real game-changers in your practice and in your marketing. Take a look at the link I’ve provided below. You’ll also see testimonials from former students – and you’ll find that you don’t need any photography experience (except the basics).

You will only need an off-the-shelf SLR camera, although there is dental-specific equipment available. Mike will guide you in that regard.

I urge you to check out this service. I bet you’ll find it enjoyable. When you’re proud of your work, there’s nothing better than showing it to the world. The course is designed for any member of your dental team to take it. The course will count as non-verifiable CPD.

Testimonials from former students

“That was fantastic. I feel I have a great grasp on the settings on my camera and flash and what they all mean, and feel quite confident to take photographs of patients that I can use for practice promotion and records. Thanks so much!” – Andrea Lakatos

“I really enjoyed this course and I finally understand the settings in my camera. Thanks Mike for making every lesson so easy and keeping me motivated!!” – Vania WasselAntich

“Fantastic course! Can’t wait to share what I’ve learnt with the rest of the girls at work. Thank you so much!” – Hollie Williams

Dental Photography in Practice course


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