Do You Ask for Testimonials?

ByLoran Simon|Social Media

You’re a good dentist. You KNOW you do good work. But asking patients for testimonials – that’s difficult for some dentists. You may ask, but find you have to follow up just to get a few words you can use. Feels like you’re pestering them.

Here’s my advice: Just do it. Send out a simple email asking a favour. Ask that they write a few lines about your services. Explain that these will appear in your marketing materials.

You might give them a few questions to prompt their answers:

  • Did you feel we took good care of you?
  • How do you feel about the results of your procedure?
  • Have your friends or family commented? What have they said?

Every marketer knows the value of testimonials. You need your prospective patients to see real-world quotes from people who have actually benefited from your services.

As an independent dentist, you need to also wear the hat of marketer. It’s critical to your success. It’s essential to getting new patients through the front door.

Just choose your patients carefully when seeking testimonials. If you feel a particularly close friendly relationship with someone, that’s a good prospect for a testimonial.

You will feel more comfortable asking that patient. And you’re more likely to get some really good words from them.


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