[Dentists] – Get ready now for the ‘New Year, New Me’ phenomena with our ‘Campaign in a Box’

By Loran Simon | Our Service

According to a BigCommerce projection, if an organisation wants to participate in over 90 percent of the search traffic around a given holiday, content specific to a seasonal event needs to be published at least 45 days prior.  Phew! we’re just in the nick of time.

Or are we, no of course we are not!

If you wanted to be in good marketing shape - digital or otherwise for the Christmas bonanza, then sorry folks, we hate to disappoint you, but you should have started 2, 3 even 6 months before now - researching, planning and creating the content needed to feed your digital campaigns. And, like the great marketers and business people you are, I am sure many of you did.

For those of you that are now right about to shut this browser and dash off to bang out a bunch of cheery reindeer memes - don’t do either!

Stay here. Read on, and if you still need help with your seasonal marketing give us a call at the end because we can help.

But here’s the rub, we’re not talking about Christmas today (because we knew the 45 day rule), the event we’re talking about is ‘Dry January.’

For dentists it’s about as good a time as it gets to tap into to the ‘New Year, New Me’ narrative that individuals everywhere are being bombarded with.

The period of self flagellation is in full swing, un-tempered by the fact that there can be no respite in a nice glass of wine. And our message to you is: fill your boots. Get ready for this period now.

When will there be a better time for your messages to resonate about having all of the procedures and treatments you’ve always promised yourself, than when every billboard, magazine, TV, radio or of course tweet, post and digital ad is screaming out to make those changes you’ve always meant to.

So, we’ve done it all for you.

Our ‘Campaign in a Box’ leverages our digital know how and understanding of what works at this time of year. Audience targeting in Facebook,how to use the latest FB advertising algorithms to your advantage, remarketing and of course, the messages that help move people from window shoppers with too much time on their hands to fully booked up, paying patients for your high value treatments, whatever they might be: facial aesthetics, ortho, implants or other treatments of your choice.

All customised to your brand, leveraging the offers and messages that are central to your business success and delivered ready to go in time for a New Year and a smile makeover.

For just £400 (+VAT), we will set up and manage your New Year, New You campaign - a full Digital Advertising campaign on Facebook concluding with a full campaign review and analysis with our very own Managing Director and founder Loran Simon. The Campaign in a Box includes:

  • Design, creation and implementation of one Campaign specific landing page to include any treatment offers you may wish to promote
  • A fully optimised Facebook campaign set up including Facebook Ads* promoting New Year, New You treatment offers (as applicable)
  • Remarketing ads
  • A series of FB social posts to let your existing audience know about the New Year,New you treatments
  • A Competition post to help increase awareness of the campaign
    On-going management by Somnowell Marketing managing Director Loran Simon for one calendar month
  • Campaign review and analysis conducted by Loran Simon

* please note advertising costs to be met by the practice and not included in the campaign fee.

**Campaign in a Box sign up period ends December 31st 2018

By striking now and getting organised you can get ahead of your competition and your campaigns will work well into the New Year and can be easily re-engineered into ‘business as usual’ campaigns once the New Year resolutions have been fully embraced.

The added bonus is these campaigns are yours to keep, they can be recycled, upcycled or just used again when in just 12 short months, we collectively enter the next intense, frenzied month of self improvement in January 2020.

If you’re already doing your own Digital Marketing, rather than just releasing a bunch of holiday season offers, which let’s face it might very well fall on deaf ears as we all run around frantically buying presents and gifts for those we love, think about the sense of excitement you can build up over the seasonal period about the new offers that will be just around the corner to treat yourself once the craziness has stopped.

Talk to our team today, and we can talk you through how ‘Campaign in a Box’ works. Call today and speak to one of our advisors.

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