Control Your Blog

By Loran Simon | Blogging

Most content management systems and comment platforms allow you to turn on comment moderation before a comment goes live.

  • You can require registration for comments, require individual comment approval, or grant automatic approval for future comments once the respondent’s first comment goes live.
  • If there’s any room for constructive criticism that’s worth exploring, accept it. Discuss it a bit. You can opt to suggest taking the discussion off-line, and discuss via email instead.
  • If it’s simply a disgruntled comment, one that’s out of bounds, delete it.

As an independent dentist, you should do your best to listen to the comments and provide a solution if you can. If it feels necessary, outline a few points where you feel you already address the problem. Explain that you appreciate their feedback, and that you take it seriously.

Most of all, don’t take it personally. Always thank the writer -–even when it’s been a negative comment.


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