“Am I impressed? That is an understatement!” – Mark Anthony Rayner

How Taylormade Sleep generated 15 new meetings and 4 business collaborations with Primary Care Physicians in 30 days using B2B email marketing.


How to raise awareness of Taylormade Sleep’s referral services to Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists, Dentists and Clinics, and generate initial call bookings and meetings with this audience.

Taylormade Sleep have primarily focussed on direct-to-patient marketing previously, with some occasional outreach to medical professionals. They were keen to generate new business relationships with Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists, Dentists and Clinics.

This is a highly competitive area targeting an audience that are particularly busy in their day-to-day work, and usually not able to be identified or targeted through search ads or social media advertising.

Taylormade Sleep had already conducted some work on behalf of these types of people and organisations so they felt confident they could help more of them, and had defined their service areas for this group well.


Formulate and implement a plan harnessing B2B email marketing to reach this audience at scale and set up initial calls for them with Robert Taylor.

Firstly, through an immersive discussion and further research we collated all the benefits, features, services information and company background on Taylormade Sleep.

Next, we distilled the key points into an effective email that was personalised for each Doctor and organisation.

The email copy is written to be compelling, enticing, encouraging, succinct and respectful, with the main ‘Call To Action” being to ask the recipient if they’d like to have an initial exploratory call.

Then, audience profile lists were created, identifying Taylormade Sleep’s ideal audience by type of business, location, size, job title, and other relevant keywords. We use a combination of our own tools and expertise to find the named work email addresses of those people.

Finally, we set up the email sending with Robert’s own email address, enabling us to send targeted emails Mon – Fri during business hours, delivering the email straight into their work email inbox (avoiding their spam and promotions folders the vast majority of the time).

Responses and call bookings started to come in within the first 2-3 days, and have continued consistently since over the first 30 days of the campaign.

"I have to say I am extremely impressed. We are getting a lot of responses from Primary Care Physicians that focus on naturopathic medicine and or are involved with health and wellness. They focus a lot on the preventative side of medicine, which with sleep apnea treatment is very important. We are already in advanced discussions with several clinics who will shortly start using our services and refer their patients to us."
Robert Taylor
CEO at Taylormade Sleep Services and Consulting

INDUSTRY: Healthcare, Sleep Apnea

Taylormade Sleep is a Telehealth Sleep Clinic assisting Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists, Dentists and Clinics to diagnose and treat patients with sleep apnea, with a focus on FDA approved alternative therapies for treatment. Their services include;

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