“Am I impressed? That is an understatement!” – Mark Anthony Rayner

How Cambridge Sleep Sciences Built Organic Visibility And Webstore Revenue for its new SleepHub® Device.


Cambridge Sleep Sciences combine science with cutting-edge technology to create innovative products that help improve quality of life through the power of natural sleep. Their first product – a new, revolutionary sleep device never seen before on the market, called SleepHub® had minimal presence on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) or public awareness on its release.


Working closely with the SleepHub® team, Somnowell Marketing planned, set up and managed a digital marketing and SEO strategy that comprised social media outreach and engagement, alongside a PPC outreach campaign targeting users who were seeking a solution to insomnia and other sleep disorders.

We also developed B2B campaigns harnessing Linkedin, designed to generate partnership opportunities from potential resellers of the SleepHub® device.

Split-testing of messaging both on and off the website allowed us to identify which messaging engaged and resonated with users the most.

Robust SEO keyword research was undertaken, and onsite development focused on targeting the most commercially advantageous search terms.

A clear and effective user journey was implemented to maximise the online store’s conversion rate. A concise link-building campaign consisting of guest blogging and niche content edits secured using
manual outreach methods was executed.

The SleepHub® device has since been shared by major social media influencers and reviewed by major news outlets. The increased awareness generated through paid media and best practice SEO ensures that the product continues to be discovered and purchased by the wider community, as its many happy customers enjoy the benefits of a better night’s sleep.

"We were looking for a marketing partner to help develop and deliver our digital marketing activity.

Somnowell stood out from the crowd with their sleep expertise. They quickly got up to speed in understanding our product and target markets, and began adding value from the outset to drive sales and build both our B2C and B2B brands."
Andy King,
Head of Marketing, Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd

Industry: Technology, Healthcare

Cambridge Sleep Sciences combines the principles of science with cutting-edge technology to enhance brain activity during sleep and develop innovative products that improve quality of life and re-energises lives. SleepHub® is the first ground-breaking product from Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd. Inspired by over 10 years of research, testing and development, SleepHub® uses a unique and highly effective combination of science, sound and technology to re-train the brain to natural sleep patterns to help combat insomnia and poor sleep patterns that can lead to a range of health problems. Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd is a subsidiary of the Barkby Group Plc.

Markets: UK



increase in new users on website


increase in sessions


increase in transactions


social interactions from paid social media outreach


increase in revenue


growth in keywords


increase in online conversion rates

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