“Am I impressed? That is an understatement!” – Mark Anthony Rayner

Case Studies


“In 2019 we were looking for a marketing partner to assist us with our digital marketing efforts. As a healthcare business who wants to attract both new patients and referring physicians, Somnowell quickly understood our business model, the different kinds of customers and the nuances of the sleep industry. The Webstore growth we experienced in 2023 is great testament to our ongoing work together, and to the plan we put together for this at the start of 2022.”

Specialty Medical Equipment

“Somnowell Marketing transformed our digital advertising game, doubling new CGM patient leads while reducing our spend. Prior challenges with poor campaign performance and tracking led to uncertainty about acquisition costs and campaign effectiveness. After a strategic overhaul, the results are much improved.”

Taylormade Sleep

“I have to say I am extremely impressed. We are getting a lot of responses from Primary Care Physicians that focus on naturopathic medicine and or are involved with health and wellness. They focus a lot on the preventative side of medicine, which with sleep apnea treatment is very important. We are already in advanced discussions with several clinics who will shortly start using our services and refer their patients to us.”

Specialty Medical Equipment

“We were keen to reignite our CPAP Resupply business, as we felt it was something of a missed opportunity versus our core business services in the glucose monitoring space. We decided to use Somnowell Marketing because of their direct experience working with other sleep apnea businesses. They also have a strong understanding from the perspective of a business owner, so they get why and how marketing and programmes like this need to generate a meaningful ROI.”


“We were looking for a marketing partner to assist us with our digital marketing efforts.
As a sleep business who wants to attract new patients, we were interested to work with Somnowell Marketing and harness their experience gained promoting their own sleep apnea device in the UK, and working with other companies in the sleep space.”


“Somnowell stood out from the crowd with their sleep expertise. They quickly got up to speed in understanding our product and target markets, and began adding value from the outset to drive sales and build both our B2C and B2B brands.”


“We have been impressed with the results and business growth that the work with Somnowell Marketing has produced so far. They have made a good impact in several different areas, and we look forward to continuing our work with them.”


“We chose Somnowell Marketing because of their experience in the sleep therapy industry. We’re very pleased with the work they have conducted and the early indications of the impact are very encouraging.”

Intus Healthcare

“We chose Somnowell Marketing because of their experience in the sleep therapy industry. We’re very pleased with the work they have conducted and the early indications of the impact are very encouraging.”

Whole You

“We chose Somnowell Marketing because of the experience and insights coming from their own oral sleep device business, and the system they had previously built, which is designed to process a high volume of leads with maximum efficiency.

Now, with the LDRS, our team is spending most of their time analyzing and optimizing the communication messages and the nurturing workflow. The result is, we are able to help more people get connected to the providers of Whole You™ devices and help them get back to the restful sleep they deserve, sooner.”

L&Y Dental

“Somnowell Marketing helped us in starting our journey with all our marketing needs and it’s been an amazing journey with them. They have helped us to get settled with our brand new practice in the middle of many local established private dental practices.”

Moira Wong Orthodontics

“We have worked with а number of different marketing social media companies. Working with Somnowell allows us direct contact with members of staff who are ablе to update our social media channels in real time. For the first time ever we are actually getting patients coming to us via our website that are appropriate to the services that we are providing.

Thank уоu Somnowell for connecting us with the clients that are looking for us!”

Antwerp Dental Group

“Having spent a small fortune to buy and set up a boutique practice in Royston, and having tried for many years to increase revenue and turnover in a sleepy Hertfordshire town, I realised that my major shortfall was not having an effective marketing partner…

I gradually noticed the practice coming to life with more interesting and remunerative treatments coming into the practice and being accepted, and my practice started to experience a transformation. 

I now know that the investment was worthwhile.”

Kalyani Dental Lounge

“Somnowell has helped drive new high value patients to the practice. Our online presence has dramatically improved in ап increasingly crowded market as а result of improvements to our website content and optimisations оп the various social media platforms.”

TwentyOne Dental

“Somnowell Marketing are professional, intelligent and above all have an extremely experienced team who know exactly what they are about to help a business generate new leads and growth.

Whilst being a proactive business owner and happily gaining in excess of 40 plus new patients per month through our own sheer hard work, total commitment and determination, I could never have gained the additional number of new patient contacts and registrations that we receive each week from working with Somnowell Marketing. Am I impressed?

That is an understatement!”

Longwood House Dental care

“Fast forward 12 months to today, and I am very happy to report that my website looks much better, updated with regular and valuable content for my patients, and we have a steady stream of well qualified patient leads arriving with the practice every week as a result of the campaigns we are running.”

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