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As you know, most people go to Google to search for things they are interested in, such as teeth straightening, dental implants, teeth whitening etc.

In creating a Google ads there are two things you need to do. The first is to have the advert appear for only the searches that are relevant. The second is to design an ad that is relevant to the search term and is likely to be clicked.

I'd like to save you some time and help you understand these two important parts of Google advertising.

So, here is an Excel sheet that contains all the key search terms that we target and the Google adverts that we use for each.

Click here to access the Google Drive folder that contains the Excel sheet with all the Google Adverts.

If you have done any Google Adwords before you will know that there are different ways of targeting the search terms. They are exact match, phrase match, broad match etc. These seed keywords are designed to be targeted as exact match, and modified broad match. Modified broad match means you add a + before each word in the Adwords tool. This means that the ads will only appear if someone searches for something very similar.

Please don't ever use broad match on it's own. It will mean your ads will appear for a great deal of low quality searches. This is the number one reason why people use Google Adwords and don't have any success. You have to be very focused in the targeting.

There are a lot of other settings in Adwords that need to be taken care of to have a highly optimised campaign. Adwords is incredibly powerful if you know how to use it.

At Somnowell Marketing I personally oversee the Google Adwords campaigns for all our dental practice clients. I am masters level certified by Google in digital marketing. We also have Joel McDonald who wrote Google Adwords for Dummies to help oversee the Adwords campaigns as well. He kindly had this to say:

“My name is Joel McDonald, and I am an Author and a Google AdWords consultant. I've reviewed hundreds of Advertising accounts, and working with Somnowell Marketing has been an absolute pleasure. Their accounts are some of the most organised and well-performing accounts I've looked at. If they are managing your Advertising budget for your local Dental practice, you can rest assured that your advertising budget is in extremely capable hands.”

The average cost of a new patient enquiry from the Adwords campaigns that we manage is £19. This is the average across the UK and across all dental treatments. It goes up and down depending on the level of competition for the treatment in your local area.

By spending more than £500,000 of our own digital marketing campaigns for our dental laboratory (our sister company) we cracked the code of finding new patients for dentists. It is a combination of highly targeted adverts and effective follow-up marketing.

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Last year for our sister company we generated over 25 thousand new patient enquiries at an average cost of under £5 each.



We have two services. Here is a summary of each.


- Advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook
- Ads design for each treatment, for Google Search, Google Display, Facebook
- Landing pages for each treatment
- Email autoresponders for each treatment
- Email follow-up series for each treatment
- Lead nurturing campaigns and remarketing campaigns (incorporating further ads, landing pages, emails)
- Reporting
- Ongoing optimisation and management


- Local SEO (optimising your Google My Business listing), this is critical for local businesses
- 2 daily blog posts
- 2 daily social media posts on each social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
- All technical website SEO
- Creating / redesigning existing website pages so rank higher than competitors
- Reporting
- Ongoing optimisation and management

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After generating more than 85,000 patients for our own dental lab, and for the clients of our digital marketing agency for dental practices, I cracked the code for running successful online marketing campaigns.