26 Ways to Use Video in Marketing

By Loran Simon | Video

So you’ve produced your first video – excellent! Or maybe you’re still in the planning stages. This list of ways to use video in social media marketing will inspire you to get going with it. An article from Social Media Examiner outlines 26 different tricks to use video in your marketing. A few snippets:

  • Experiment with video lengths. Each platform takes a different maximum video length.
  • Facebook: 120 minutes
  • Twitter recommends keeping videos under 30 seconds
  • Instagram: 60 seconds
  • Snapchat: 10 seconds
  • Vine: 6 seconds

Add subtitles to your videos to let users watch them on their mobile devices even if they’re in a place where they can’t or don’t want to play the accompanying sound (like a waiting room or a plane).

The author provides valuable details on making this happen:

  • Grab attention with a “hook” in the first few seconds of your video.
  • You will also want to optimize your video for search engines.
  • Add keywords and phrases to help users find your content on all platforms.
  • Use relevant hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to boost search results.

And definitely, add a “Call to Action” – your contact information so they can make appointments. That’s the goal, after all!



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